6 Stylish Ways to Wear Backpacks

If you think of backpacks as school girls’ bags that impossibly can look stylish, you’re wrong. We’ve spotted a lot of street style stars and fashion bloggers wearing backpack in their street looks in a fabulous and stunning way. The upscale backpack is a convenient hands-free option that can be very comfortable compared to shoulder bags or cross body bags that pull your neck, shoulders, and back.

  1. For a casual street style

black backpack in white outfit

casual cool outfit with backpack casual outfit with backpack denim shorts with chic top and backpack

Upscale backpacks are an obvious choice worn with casual wear. There are leather types of backpack that can add some edgy look to your outfit, as well as ones made from waterproof or cottony material complementing your casual denim and tee outfit. Backpacks will look best to wear with casual shirt dresses, denim overalls, denim jumpsuits, and even knitted tops compared to dressy structured bags intended for chic and sophisticated outfit. Just pick a color and material that will go well with your casual style like leather, denim, or even rubber.

  1. For a casual-chic style

casual chic outfit with backpack casual chic outfit tank top with skirt and backpack

If you wish to dress up your typical casual looks, go for backpacks with refined and dressy features, which distinguish the fashionable version from the strictly utilitarian bags. Neutral shades of black, gray, white, brown, beige as well as classic colors like blue and red are dressier colors that you can match with your dressier attire even if it’s button down shirt and jeans combination or a tank top and skirt combination.

  1. For sporty-chic looks

leopard backpack with casual outfit sporty chic outfit wool coat with sporty chic outfit

If you’re planning to wear your backpack with your sporty sneakers, better opt for sports-inspired styles over dressier ones to complement your outfit. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, go for backpacks with bulky structure, visible zippers, slouchy pockets, and even sporty fabrics to match with your sporty-chic outfit. This way, you wouldn’t look carrying someone else’s bag while walking the streets.

  1. For a preppy outfit

cute dress with backpack backpack with bike outfit preppy dress with backpack preppy outfit with backpack preppy striped outfit with backpack and heels sexy outfit with backpack

Backpack itself looks preppy as it’s known for a school girl’s essentials. However, to look preppy without looking like heading to an English class, wear your backpacks with preppy outfit in a modern and sophisticated style. For instance, if you’re planning to wear it with a pleated skirt, go for a bandeau top or a tuxedo blazer as your top piece like Kristina Bazan did. Whether wearing a dress, or a blouse and skirt combination, you may opt for printed ones over plain colored ones to avoid looking like a school girl.

  1. For a feminine and sophisticated look

printed dress with backpack and hat shift dress with backpack winter white outfit yellow dress with backpack

If you think you can’t look sophisticated while wearing a backpack, you’re wrong. Fashion blogger Blair Eadie creatively nailed the winter white trend with a chic backpack with her sophisticated outfit. Just go for a dressier style probably made from leather material over cotton, and neutral shades over flashy ones. This way, you can keep your sophisticated and feminine look without sacrificing comfort.

  1. For an edgy fashion style

leather skirt with button down shirt edgy outfit with studded backpack edgy outfit with backback black outfit with studded backpack

You have the choice to make your style edgier with the help of your backpack, or with the help of your outfit. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a backpack made from leather and with edgy details like studs, spikes, or metallic trims and pair it with a graphic top, edgy skirt, and thigh-high patent boots. This way, you’re making your ever ensemble and accessories complement your desired fashion style.

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