6 Most Challenging Trends to Wear

Wearing the most challenging trends on your street looks can be a means of expressing your bold personality and love for fashion. The secret to pulling off most trends is learning the art of balance. Introducing a fresh piece to your wardrobe usually requires pairing it with staples that not only let your trend-forward piece steal the spotlight, but also keep everything in proportion. So, keep on reading on how to wear the 6 most challenging trends.

  1. Print on Print

tiger print tank with sling bag

printed top with floral pants print on print outfit leopard top with checkered coatsequin striped top with printed skirt and yellow blazer

Used to be a fashion faux pas, wearing prints with another print are now considered fashion-forward and creative. Not only in the summer, but you can wear the trend in any season. On your upcoming summer getaway, think of bringing some trendy vibe to your outfit by wearing a tiger print tank top and denim shorts contrasted with a printed sling bag. On the fall season, think of adding some printed toppers to your outfit like Kristina Bazan while making it elegant and chic. Also, take advantage of this trend in the winter season to create the most creative and stylish layers.

  1. Culottes Trend

culottes with off shoulder top pastel pink culottes with nude sandals navy culottes and lace top with nude satchel bag denim bandeau top with culottes peach culottes with suit

The trend can be more challenging for petite women as it can make you look shorter even more. The key is to go for a high-waist pair of culottes or go for a matching shade of your top to elongate your torso and leg line. Also, you may opt for a nude pair of heels to extend your leg line, therefore, making you look taller visually.

  1. Architectural Trend

architectural crop top with skirt structured coat with wedge pumps architectural white outfit with metallic belt architectural tube top with denim shorts and gladiator sandals architectural top with skirt

The architectural trend may be challenging if you don’t keep the balance on your proportions as its boxy and sharp silhouette can overwhelm your frame, making you look heavier just like wearing multiple layers of clothes. Like Kristina Bazan, you may opt for a cut-out crop top that will look perfectly with a pencil skirt, or team a wrap blouse with a tulip skirt just like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did. Or, simply top your structured outfits with architectural-shaped accessories to complete your trendy look.

  1. Borrowed From Boys Trend

borrowed from boys outfit with classic pumps sexy-borrowed-from-boys-outfit borrowed from boys outfit borrowed from boys outfit with oxfords

It might be daunting for some, but borrowed from boys trend is one of the most feminine and sexiest trends you may go for if you’re not a fan of wearing revealing clothes. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may wear a masculine suit consists of a tuxedo blazer and straight-leg pants, and team it with a chic floppy hat or a pair of classic pumps to keep it a bit feminine.

  1. Skinny Scarves

breezy dress with skinny scarf and sandals tuxedo blazer and slim scarf with skinny black jeans skinny scarf with blouse and jeans coat with edgy outfit and skinny scarf

Skinny scarves add some edgy feel to your looks, but the key is to wear it with lower necklines preferably V-necklines and tube tops that will look proportional with your accessory. You can wear it with your borrowed from boys outfit to give some flair to your already trendy outfit, or wear it with your chic office blouse just like a ribbon like fashion blogger Sydne Summer did.

  1. Metallic Trend

structured blazer with metallic green skirt and tank top navy top with pink accordion skirt and metallic silver pumps metallic silver swimwear metallic silver slip dress with gray sneakers metallic gold envelope clutch with minimalist outfit

Metallic pieces usually steal the show, and unless you wish to blind someone, you may be discouraged to wear it on the day. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, wear two trends at once by going for a metallic slip dress and a pair of sneakers. Or, go for a pair of metallic pumps and a sling bag to add some sparkle to your feminine outfit. Also, think of wearing the techno-chic or futuristic look on the beach with your metallic silver swimwear like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli did. This way, you’ll keep your fashion style trendy and fashion-forward regardless of the season.

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