6 Marketing Tricks to Resist While Shopping

If you’re a smart shopper, you may be great for scoring best deals and discounted items. However, there are thousands of marketing tricks out there that’s hard to compete. So, keep on reading for the 6 marketing tricks retail stores use, and ways to avoid letting them coax your hard-earned money out of your hands.

  1. “You saved $30!”

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Before paying attention to what you’re saving, pay attention to what you’re spending. Often, prices are inflated so that the store can mark down the item and make it seem like a great deal. If you buy a $30 top or trousers that used to be $60, you’re not saving $30 as you’re spending $30. Remember, you would save the entire $60 if you didn’t buy it at all. The key is to ignore the original price and just pay attention to what you’re actually paying. If the item is worth it to you, buy it, not how much money you’re “saving.”

  1. “The bigger size the cheaper.”

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Cost per ounce is usually cheaper as the quantities rise, so companies pass these savings on to you when you buy large quantities. This is so ingrained into most of our minds that we just assume that if we buy a larger size, we’re saving money. Though Americans like to buy in bulk to save money, as well as the companies so they can charge more, it’s not always the bigger the cheaper. Many stores will list a per ounce price under the total price, so just take a second to check it and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

  1. Free item with purchase.

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If your favorite store is offering a free item with a purchase of a certain amount or more, be careful. Getting something free isn’t always a great score except, is it really free. Before you add something you don’t need into your cart so you can get that free sample, ask yourself if the freebie is worth the extra money you’re spending. If it’s not, then put that item back.

  1. Pricing a few items super low, then pricing everything else higher.

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Some stores will announce super low prices to draw people into the store. However, then they will actually price many items slightly higher than other stores. The trick is to do a price check. This might not be reasonable for every item but for really expensive ones, it may be worth it.

  1. “Limited quantities available get yours before they’re gone!”

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In some cases, there is a legitimate shortage and you do have to think quickly. However, there will be more in stock in a week or two. So, think of ignore it the first time you see it, and think about whether you really need it. If you’re in doubt, it’s more likely you’ll wish that you had saved more for than that you had bought that limited edition item.

  1. Promotional e-mails.

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Though signing up is voluntary, it does get you to spend more. Many stores are now asking for email addresses at the register, as well as registration popping when you visit a website of your favorite brand. If you’re on a budget and you’re trying to cut back in clothing, getting emails from your favorite store won’t help. So, consider unsubscribing from them that will save more money in your wallet. Once you figure out how these companies think, it’s easier to just say no so you’ll be a smarter shopper that will score better deals.

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