6 Lessons to Learn from Organizing Capsule Wardrobe

Changing seasons mean you have to edit, organize, and refresh your capsule wardrobes. Before going for a refresh, you might want to learn the 6 lessons you can learn from organizing your capsule wardrobe so you’ll do it with ease.

  1. Less is more.



Though it’s difficult to pare things down to 40 pieces or less, you’ll notice that it will make everything easy and effortless. If you don’t wish to toss the excess ensembles, you may store most of your off-capsule wardrobe in large, zipped, fabric boxes to make them organized, yet out of your sight. This way, when you open your wardrobe, your eyes would veer toward the items you can wear, not on the off-limits items, which will only seem just the thing that you wanted to wear.

  1. Capsules mean you shop your wardrobe.

metallic-dress-with-pants all-white-outfit-with-nude-heels

Having a fresh look doesn’t depend solely on shopping at fast fashion stores. Think of switching things up you have in your closet and you’ll find it fascinating and fabulous. And because you hadn’t seen those things in few months, the old ensembles look fresher and new.

  1. Make your capsule work for your habits.

white-embellished-tee-with-high-waist-skirt gravity-boots-with-eccentric-outfit

Working with a smaller wardrobe throws your habits into sharp relief. Before organizing your closet, think first whether you hated ironing and dry cleaning your clothes. If you love to wear chic tops and blouses, yet really dislike ironing them, that would only lead to some rushed mornings when you realized that you have nothing to wear that was clean and pressed. Unless you’re working in a conservative office, think of more knitwear, denim and such that will keep your everyday style effortless.

  1. Use capsules to identify wardrobe holes.

candy-striped-dress-with-white-pumps striped-crop-top-with-skinny-pants-and-shawl

When planning future capsules, it helps to pay close attention to what you wish you were seeing every morning when you open your closet. You may start by identifying the missing pieces that you need to wear a certain top, blouse, or skirt, as well as accessories that can complete your look. This way, you ensure that each capsule gets better and better as you identify your clothing needs.

  1. Capsules make getting dressed easy and fun.

fringed-dress-with-box-clutch-and-statement-earrings choker-with-all-black-outfit

Though you would really love seeing your closet with a collection of clothing you wanted to wear, you can actually make your morning dressing fun. Not only the “these are your options so make it work” mindset prevent your morning chaos, but you can actually have creative time mixing things in new combinations, adding accessories that had been ignored for years, and making sure you got wear out of everything in your wardrobe.

  1. Capsules make for easier editing, smarter shopping.

lug-sole-shoes-with-white-dress black-cold-shoulder-dress

Choosing not to add something to a capsule especially if you make that choice several seasons in a row, is a good hint that it’s time to let the piece go. Likewise, when you’re out shopping for new items, asking yourself how this item would work with what you’re already wearing, and whether you’d actually choose it from a limited selection on an average morning, helps. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to get a capsule wardrobe that serves you well.