6 Keys to an Intentional Wardrobe

Though fashion and style will gradually shift over time, an intentional wardrobe can serve you for years. Before going shopping and a wardrobe reset, keep on reading for the 6 keys to an intentional wardrobe that will make your morning dressing effortless yet stylish.

  1. Create a theme or concept for your wardrobe.



To start the process, reflect on how you feel about your current wardrobe. You might find that overall you are pretty satisfied with your clothing, or, you might find that you are really wishing for something quite different. Like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova, you may incorporate some baroque-inspired pieces to add some whimsy yet iconic vibe to your style. Or, go carefree with bohemian trousers and gypsy tops like fashion blogger Sonja Petrkowsky did.

  1. Get some style inspiration.

bralette-with-red-blazer-and-graphic-skirt breezy-white-jumpsuit

Simply dive through magazines, catalogs, and fashion blogs to find the styles you resonate with the most. After taking a look at them, you might be able to identify pieces within your wardrobe that don’t match your vision, while others do. This way, it’ll be easier for you to into your closet to exfoliate and create an intentional shopping list of items you’d like to include.

  1. Create a mantra.

breezy-white-outfit-with-designer-bag orange-pants-with-chic-top

Another way to think about your wardrobe is to think about how you’d like to feel or look. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you might be drawn towards chic, sophisticated, and breezy outfits that can make up your overall look. Think which pieces on your wardrobe qualified as chic and sophisticated. Anything that was made with high quality, lasted the test of time, and had some sophistication in them would stay. Once you have your vision clarified, you will be ready to start editing your closet and including new items in an intentional way.

  1. Coordinate your wardrobe to your lifestyle.

casual-chic-fall-outfit sequin-outfit-with-cropped-shirt

Major life transitions like college to career, career to pregnancy, corporate career to self-employed, moves to different communities, and such bring different clothing needs. Also, mental shifts like style preferences, new relationship status, income shifts, and personal growth are some of the reasons that a once fulfilling closet may become a place of anxiety. The key is to adjust your wardrobe accordingly to make it appropriate for your lifestyle. If you’re a party girl, little black dresses, stilettos, sequin ensembles and such are an important part of your wardrobe. On the other hand, corporate life demands more formal and office-appropriate ensembles.

  1. Monitor exfoliation habits to make wiser future purchases.

backless-black-outfit victorian-white-dress

For the past years, you might have exfoliated items that you don’t need, use, or love that has led to a much higher quality wardrobe. Whether you donated, recycled, passed on, or thrown out the clothes you haven’t worn, you might have a better description of the style you love and the wardrobe pieces that will serve you well. By being aware of the brands and general wear and tear that you dislike, you’ll be able to avoid making future purchases that will likely have the same fate.

  1. Shop sales intentionally.

white-culottes-with-tank-top high-low-boho-chic-dress-with-mules

Rather than beeline to the sales rack, wait for store-wide sales where you can get exactly what you want that never go on sale, at a discount. Also, you don’t have to feel stuck with the discounted items that are tempting cheap, but have no importance for your wardrobe. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to create an intentional wardrobe in no time.

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