6 Hair Highlights to Achieve this Summer

This summer, revamping your hairstyle need not include a drastic haircut. If you love the length of your locks, you can always revitalize your look by wearing unique hair highlights. This summer, these are the hair highlights that you should try out:

Blonde Highlights

If you have dark hair and want to try if blondes do have more fun, then go for blonde highlights. The contrast between the two colors will help you achieve beach babe hair. This is actually perfect especially if you plan on swimming every weekend this season.

blonde highlights

blonde hair

Mint Green Highlights

Cool colors for hair highlights are proper this summer. With that being said, mint green hair color is a way to go if you want to look cool this season. Have the highlights at the ends for a sexy, cascading appearance.

mint green hair mint green highlights

Pink Highlights

If you are a fan of pink, you’ll be glad to know that pink hair highlights can add vibrancy to your look this summer. While neon pink hair highlights will surely invoke the attention of many, you want to be subtly different at this point in time. Go for baby or cotton candy shades of pink for a girly look that’s not too loud for the office.

pink highlights light pink highlights

Blue and Violet Highlights

Blue and violet hair highlights might sound too rad, but you can actually wear it the grown-up way by streaking your locks at the right positions. As with the case of the model below, blue and violet hair highlights peeking out of your tresses prove to be a tasteful and mature way to add color to your over-all look.

blue and violet highlightsblue and violet hair

Shades of Blue Highlights

Blue hair highlights are near in tint to dark-colored hair, so they are actually good choices for ladies who wish to have unique, youthful looks. While indigo highlights are exciting enough, you can push the envelope even further with hair highlights that encompass the different shades of blue. Take inspiration from the model below so as to create smooth color movement as you parade around town in these unique hair highlights.

blue hair highlights shades of blue

Rainbow Highlights

Can decide on which color to add to your hair highlights? You don’t have to stress out over a color dilemma as you can put them all in! Since summer represents a splash of color, note that your hair can do the same thing as well. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet embody the rainbow hues, although you can always extend beyond the spectrum with brown and blonde, among many other shades.

rainbow highlights rainbow hair

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