6 Fresh Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress Before Winter Ends

Winter is ending soon but before it does, why not make the most of your winter wardrobe and create outfits that are chic, stylish and comfy? A sweater dress is something that we usually only wear during winter time so if you’re looking for a piece to maximize before the cool temps rise, it just might be what you’re looking for. Check out these fresh ways to wear a sweater dress before winter ends.

  1. With leather pants underneath – sweater dresses have a very comfy and cozy look and feel to them and while no one can resist something like that on a cold winter day, there are also times when you just want to step up your game and create an edgier outfit. The solution? Pair up your sweater dress with leather pants underneath for a look that’s cozy and edgy at the same time.leather cropped pants and sweater dress
    leather pants and sweater dress accessorized with a hat
  2. With low key white sneakers – low key white sneakers like the Adida Stan Smith model or the classic Converse All Star are perfect for pairing up with simple sweater dresses, especially if you’re all about minimalistic, norm core style looks.white sneakers and knitted sweater dress
  3. With an oversized coat on top – another really chic way to wear a sweater dress is to top it off with an oversized but, if possible, structured coat. This combo is perfect for those who are looking for ways to sneak a sweater dress in their work wardrobe. Finish the look off with fierce heels and you’re good to go.coat and layered sweater dress outfit coat and turtleneck sweater dress
  4. Maxi style – sweater dresses that look like legit oversized regular sweaters are pretty common. If you’re looking for a fresh way to rock one, why not try to sport one that’s a maxi style sweater dress> The maxi length just adds a whole new level of cozy to the entire look and is perfect paired up with ankle boots.maxi length sweater dress maxi style sweater dress
  5. Layered with a dress – add an element of fun and frill to your sweater dress by layering it with a longer dress underneath. Dresses with more volume or texture towards the hem are preferable since they can help you play up a plain sweater dress. Long slip dresses work well, too, especially those with lacy hems.dress layered under sweater dress dress with lace hem under sweater dress
  6. With slits – step up your sweater dress game by opting for something cozy and comfy with a hint of sexy edge that is a sweater dress with slits. Be as modest or as bold as you want. If you’re going for tall slits, though, be sure to layer your sweater dress with something else underneath.slitted sweater dress and miniskirt slit thigh high


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