6 Fool-Proof Ways To Wear Mesh

Not yet ready to show some skin but it is already getting hot this summer? Integrate mesh into your wardrobe.

As they always say, inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places. And before, we would have thought that nothing could connect together something naturally frivolous and artistic as fashion and the all-physical sports. But with the rise of athleisure style and the campaign for comfort styling, the threads that tie sports and fashion together are just getting tighter and tighter.

And those threads are not entirely tied straight. Some are weblike.

Once commonly used by runners and aerobics instructors, mesh has paved its way onto the heart of luxury fashion and created its own permanent place in street style. And with its openings that let air pass through, it’s the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe this summer. Below are ways to pull it off.

  1. Start out with cutouts. Don’t worry if you’re conservative and not ready to wear an entirely see-through clothing. Mesh are also great as cutouts, letting a small area of your skin peek out from it.mesh cutout dress
    mesh cutout tank top
  2. Show off your bod. If you have a well-toned body, a mesh bodysuit is a great way to show it off. You can wear it like a top with a bandeau top underneath and pair it with jeans. It’s also a great underlayer for a sleeveless overalls or shortalls.mesh bodysuit mesh top and shortalls
  3. An overlay for miniskirts. Some miniskirts have a knee-length mesh overlay that creates a lady-like silhouette and, for the lucky few, makes it completely wearable for work.mesh skirt mesh dress
  4. More on mesh for office. If you will wear a mesh skirt to work, you may want to pair it up with a long-sleeved shirt to counterbalance the show of skin on your bottom half. The same goes if you plan on wearing a mesh top. Pencil skirts and mid- to maxi-length skirts counterbalance the see-through top.white mesh top and pencil skirt mesh top coords
  5. A touch of seductiveness. You may be having a night out with your friends or going on a date with your beau. And a crop top mesh can look great with that ounce of allure added into your outfit. For night outs or clubbing, a pair of leather pants will look great with that mesh crop top. Whereas something dressier like a pleated skirt is great for date nights.mesh crop top mesh tank top
  6. Effortless edginess. Mesh can create a variety of looks from romantic to athleisure. And even edgy. Black meshes, in particular, do that perfectly. Its weblike feature has an innate edginess which makes all-black outfit instantly edgy. And while we’re on the subject of monochromatic outfits, mesh also adds textural interest to any outfit and especially so with monochromatic ones.Zendaya mesh shirt mesh dress and bomber jacket

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