6 Comfy and Wearable Skirts for Winter

Skirts usually get thrown to the back of the closet during winter time simply because it’s often too cold outside to even risk wearing it. No one wants to freeze their legs off, after all. Don’t you wish, though, that you could continue sporting your usual feminine style despite the cold weather that the season brings? For all the ladies out there who love wearing skirts, check out these comfy and wearable skirts for winter that your wardrobe shouldn’t be without.

  1. PATCHWORK SKIRT – patchwork is one of the hottest trends right now and they’re perfect for the colder days of fall and winter because they’re slightly warmer than your usual fabrics so if you want a skirt that you can wear out in the cold, a patchwork skirt is something you definitely need to try.patchwork skirt and denim top
  2. SUEDE SKIRT – suede is a nice, light fabric but it still is warm and cozy which makes it perfect for winter outfits. Suede skirts exude a slightly retro feel to it and takes us back to the 80s and 90s. If you want to go for the retro look, pair up your suede skirt with a striped tee and you’re done.suede and stripes suede outfit for winter
  3. DENIM SKIRT – the great thing about denim skirts is that they are wearable all year long. They’re light enough for the summer but also warm enough to be worn in the winter. This is the perfect skirt to go for if you’re after a very casual and relaxed outfit though you can most definitely dress it up as well by pairing it up with a dressy top and some fancy accessories.denim winter skirt outfit denim skirt for winter
  4. TWEED SKIRT – tweed is a really thick fabric that can also be a little chunky. This fabric becomes more popular when colder days roll around. If you’re looking for a really comfy skirt for winter that you can wear at any length, this is the one to go for.tweed skirt in gray
  5. LEATHER SKIRT – just like denim, leather is a fabric that you can wear all year round though I would say the best and most comfortable time to wear a leather skirt is during the winter just because leather is such a nice fabric that really leaves you warm when it’s cold out.leather skirt in brown leather skater skirt
  6. MAXI SKIRT – maxi skirts have long been a staple for summer but did you know that you could well wear these during the winter as well? Pair them up with pullovers and finish off your outfit with boots and you have yourself a quick and easy chic winter look.

maxi skirt outfit for winter maxi skirt and black pullover

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