6 Chic Ways to Style Your Gladiator Footwear

Gladiator footwear became a trend that mirrors the fashion style of Greek goddesses and Roman warriors. Whether boots or sandals, gladiator styles are sleekly simple, but fearlessly trendsetting bringing your street style to new heights. If you still have no idea on what to wear with these myth-inspired pieces, keep on reading for our chic ways to style your gladiator footwear.

  1. With sexy shorts

beach outfit with gladiator sandals

casual outfit with gladiator sandals denim shorts with lace up gladiators denim shorts with structured coat gladiator boots with sexy outfit lace up gladiators with poncho

Gladiator footwear is meant to be showcased, so wearing them with pants or culottes is not a great idea. Though Bermuda shorts are trendy, they won’t look great to match with gladiator sandals and boots as they will only cut height visually. Instead, go for sexy shorts whether a high-rise or cut-off style that will elongate your legs perfect for a gladiator footwear. If you’re on a casual style, go for denim shorts whether plain or distressed and match it with a chic top. Just keep in mind that darker denim washes like black and dark blue, as well as plain white look more sophisticated compared to typical blue denim.

  1. With miniskirts

gladiator sandals with all black outfit statement skirt with knitted top and gladiator sandals

Whether you wish for a statement skirt, or simply for an extension of your shorter shirtdress, miniskirts look great with gladiator sandals and boots. However, they may not be as comfortable as shorts, but keep your feminine vibe into place. Just remember that gladiator footwear is statement-making already, so avoid clashing them with other pieces of your outfit. Better go for neutral shades on your skirt, or prefer some studs and embellishments in them without overshadowing your statement footwear.

  1. With above-the-knees dresses

blue shift dress with gladiator sandals leopard dress with gladiator sandals printed-dress-and-gladiator-sandals-with-bib-necklace red dress with lace up gladiator sandals shirtdress with neclace and gladiator sandals

Whether in creative prints or bold color, above-the-knees dresses definitely look perfect with gladiator sandals and boots making them look more feminine and chic. When opting for prints, choose for subtle ones to avoid taking the focus away from your gladiator footwear. Opt for darker and neutral shades over neon colors so you’ll keep your overall outfit look chic and polished.

  1. With peasant dresses

off shoulder peasant dress with gladiator sandals peasant dress with gladiator flat sandals peasant dress with gladiator sandals

If you wish to mix your Greek-inspired footwear with a bohemian style, match your gladiator boots with peasant dresses. Peasant dresses with long sleeved styles and tribal prints look more bohemian and hippie. To make your fashion style look more modern and chic, opt for classic colored peasant dresses in modern cuts like an off shoulder or a cut-out style. This way, you making your outfit complement the looks you’re aiming for.

  1. With sheer dresses

sheer blue dress with gladiator sandals white dress with gladiator sandals

Sheer dresses are sexy and modern perfect to match with your gladiator boots. There are fashion bloggers wearing sheer dresses in classic shades, textures, and cuts that look more fashionable and trendy. To avoid looking too much provocative, go for darker shades of black, brown, navy, and such compared to whites and reds. Before wearing this sexy outfit, think of the setting you’re going to so you’ll avoid looking inappropriately sexy.

  1. With maxi dresses

red slit maxi with gladiator sandals green slit dress with gladiator sandals black slit dress with gladiator sandals

If you’re a fan of maxi dresses, better opt for ones with high slits that can still showcase the beauty of your gladiator footwear. Maxi dresses have the looks of a Greek goddess compared to any dress styles. When you wish to make your myth-inspired looks intentional, opt for a white maxi dress with a high slit to pair with your golden gladiator boots. But, if you wish for a trendier and cool looks, go for classic shades of red, blue, green, or even black maxi dresses to match with your gladiator footwear. This way, you’re making your fashion style an extension of your individuality.

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