6 Chic and Casual Ways to Wear a Blazer

If you’re looking for the ultimate go-to blazer that you can wear all year long, look no further than the ever versatile blazer. Blazers are so cool because they go well with just about any look. You can wear them with a totally rad street style outfit and you can wear them with other pieces from your work wardrobe as well. There are many different blazer styles and designs, too, which means that you will always find one that will suit your personal taste.

  1. Lacey and sheer – if you like layering your outfits with a blazer but don’t care much for the office-y vibe that it often adds to your look, you can always go for a lacey blazer or a sheer one. Or both if you’re feeling a little more adventurous for the day.lace black blazer
    lace blazer on olivia palermo
  2. With a monochromatic look – monochromatic looks are chic and edgy at the same time and one easy way to create your own is to wear a blazer that matches your bottoms. You can choose to wear a shirt underneath in the same color to keep up with the monochromatic scheme or one in a contrasting color to break it up just a little bit.monochromatic white outfit with blazer monochromatic chic outfit
  3. Dressed down with jeans – blazers tend to have that office-y vibe, especially ones that have lots of structure to them. If you’re worried about this or you just want to achieve a more relaxed and casual vibe in your look, all you really have to do is to dress down your blazer with a pair of jeans. You can wear your everyday tee underneath it, too, to add an extra casual flair.blazer and jeans for a casual look blazer and jeans street style look
  4. With a tomboy flair – don’t feel like doing your usual girly look today? Pick up that boxy blazer you have hanging in your closet and wear it with your fave pair of comfy boyfriend jeans for an instant tomboy flair.tomboy style blazer outfit tomboy vibe blazer look
  5. High fashion style – you don’t need to spend an insane amount of money to dress like your favorite style icons. To achieve a high fashion look, drape your blazer over your shoulders instead of wearing the sleeves on your arms. This instantly elevates the look and makes you look like a million bucks.draped blazer outfit draped over shoulder
  6. As a statement maker – looking for new ways to make a statement with your look? Throw on a blazer in a bold color or with a unique print design on top of your outfit for an effortless but impactful statement. It’s super easy but also super chic.

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