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6 Celebs Who Prove that Short Hair Is Nothing to Shy Away From

Sometimes, when you’ve had your hair long for far too long, you get hesitant about chopping it off and going for a shorter ‘do. That’s understandable. After all, the hair is considered our crowning glory and for us girls, especially, it is a standard of beauty. I know that going from being a long-haired beauty to someone who rocks a pixie can be quite scary but, hey, you don’t have to chop it all off at once. Also, having short hair isn’t so bad. In fact, there are quite a few advantages that you can enjoy from having short hair. Maintenance and styling, for one, is easier when you have short hair. Here are some celebs who prove that short hair is nothing to shy away from.

  • EMMA WATSON – while all the other stars her age are growing their locks and clipping on extensions to get longer hair, Emma Watson decided to chop hers off and sport a sleek and sexy pixie cut that totally framed her gorgeous face and added structure to her otherwise soft features.

emma watson grown out pixie

emma watson short hair emma watson

  • ANNE HATHAWAY – another looker to sport a short ‘do is Anne Hathaway. Now, with long hair, Anne sure looked gorgeous and all but with her short hair she just looked every bit glamorous and sophisticated. Of course, part of looking good in that ‘do is thanks to her already beautiful face but having her hair out of the way really made a huge difference as well.

anne hathaway super short hair anne hathaway anne hathaway bob

  • JENNIFER LAWRENCE – J.Law definitely looks more grown up, mature and sophisticated with her pixie cut, especially when it’s slicked back (although her wispy side fringe frames her face real well, too!).

jlaw for dior fierce hair jlaw short hair with bangs jlaw tousled bob

  • LEIGHTON MEESTER – most people know Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, a character with long, flowing chocolate brown locks, so seeing Leighton outside of Gossip Girl and with short hair can be really surprising in a good way.

leighton meester hair leighton meester shoulder length hair leighton meester

  • VANESSA HUDGENS – Boho style queen Vanessa Hudgens is known for her complementary wavy Boho hair and while we gotta admit that those waves are perfect for her laidback Boho style, I think she looks much sexier with short hair on.

vanessa hudgens short edgy hair vanessa hudgens short hairvanessa hudgens grown out lob

  • GIULIANA RANCIC – E! News anchor and Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic has a lot of roles to take on every single day, from being a news anchor to a loving mom and wife to a successful restaurateur, but you never see her look any less glamorous, do you? Her hair is always the perfect bob and this just gives her that overall glam any woman needs to look fantastic all day, every day.

giuliana rancic angled bob giuliana rancic short hair giuliana rancic