5 Worst Packing Problems You Must Avoid

When it comes to packing, a small mistake like putting a prohibited item in your carry-on bag can snowball into a messy chain of events. Whether you’re dealing with a confiscated item in the security line or a broken bag, keep on reading for the 5 worst packing problems you must avoid to make your getaways worry-free.

  1. You left an essential item at home.

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As you are pulling up to the airport, you’ve found out that you left an essential item at home whether it’s a cell phone charger, guidebook, or some other item that you need on your trip. If possible you may treat yourself to something new at an airport shop or o on without your favorite possession. But to avoid this, make a list of all the things you must pack in your suitcase or bag so you can check them before you leave home. This way, you’ll avoid missing your flight when you arrived at the airport with only a few hours before your flight without proper identification.

  1. Airport security confiscates your prized possession.

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Make sure everything you’re packing in your carry-on bag is permitted on an airplane so you wouldn’t have any problem getting your luggage through the airport security checkpoint. Also, keep in mind that if you bring a prohibited item to the checkpoint, you may be criminally or civilly prosecuted depending on your violation. Before bringing your four-ounce bottle of designer perfume, think first. If you try to bring anything through airport security that is not allowed on a plane, airport security has the right to take your property and dispose it.

  1. You bring too many souvenirs.

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If you only brought a carry-on bag, some souvenirs you might purchase, may be prohibited past the airport security checkpoint. So, think of shipping souvenirs back home, especially large or fragile things that might be prohibited to bring on your bag. However, get a shipping insurance or a tracking number to have control over the fate of your purchase. A second option is to mail the item yourself but look up restrictions, shipping costs, and shipping times.

  1. Your luggage breaks.

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To avoid a suitcase explode in the middle of the airport, refrain from overstuffing your bag and check your zippers. Proper preparation is the best way to handle this situation. A broken bag is a perfect opportunity to use those arts-and-crafts skills you learned in grade school. Think of a handy duct tape that can be your savior when your bag breaks or even a paper clip that can be hooked on what’s left of the zipper.

  1. Something spills all over your stuff.

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If you neglect to pack your liquid items in plastic bags, the rough-and-tumble ride from check-in counter to baggage claim may result in punctured plastic containers or broken bottles. So, think of storing your carry-on liquid items in plastic bags to prevent any spills from staining sweaters and dresses. Just in case you spill a cup of coffee to your outfit, think of having a travel size stain free remover or have it professionally cleaned. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to avoid the worst packing problems and make your vacation worry-free.

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