5 Work Outfits for Fall

Dressing up for work shouldn’t be boring or plain. After all, clothes make the (wo)man! Create a revolutionary look that will make your co-workers gap with these unique work outfits for fall:

Be Perky in Prints

A tailored blazer might be one of your best garments for the office, but it wouldn’t hurt to deviate from these investment pieces. For one, try to wear printed garb for your work outfits for fall. You can start with a printed top, and go for a printed blazer the next day. If you’re feeling really confident, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t wear a graphic skirt or printed pants with your usual work tops.

floral top

printed skirt printed blazer

Color it Up

Work outfits for fall should not be confined or limited to neutral colors. Going to work can be sad as it is, but it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe should be just as dreary! Inject a little life into your office outfits by wearing a colorful piece with a formal, traditional item. A good example can be colored pants, which looks impeccable with a simple button-down polo. Or you can go with a bright top and the usual black pencil skirt. A splash of color every now and then will give your outfit a cheerful summer/spring vibe (although it’s autumn already.)

purple top purple pants

Leather is Better

Leather is not only for casual, rockstar get-ups as it can also be used for work outfits for fall. Any leather piece would do, whether it’s a moto jacket or a camel leather skirt. With leather work outfits for fall, you can feel comfy and look edgy – all at the same time.

leather skirt leather pants

Go Short

No, I’m not talking about wearing shorts to work (as that is prohibited!) What I mean is wearing a shorter version of the usual trousers – aka cropped pants. Although it lacks the traditional length of workpants, its coverage makes it worthy of work outfits for fall. Make sure to wear this with simple, stylish pieces to create a sophisticated office look.

camel cropped pants cropped pants

Shine Bright

Work outfits for fall don’t depend on just your clothes. Your shoes make an impact as well. So if you want to shine bright at the workplace, then do so with shimmery shoes. It can be gold or silver – or full of glitters. Whatever choice you make sure, just remember to pair your shoes with a classic, toned-down wardrobe. You don’t want two fashion statements clashing with each other.

silver shoes gold shoes

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