5 Winter Pieces to Use in Spring

There are only a few more days before spring officially starts so if you haven’t started cleaning out your closet to make way for your spring wardrobe essentials yet, there’s no better time to do so than now. The transition from winter to spring is one of the most tedious since these two seasons are totally difrerent from each other. That doesn’t mean, though, that it should be difficult and expensive. Here are some winter pieces that you can and should continue to use in spring.

  1. Denim jacket – don’t throw your denim jacket in the back of your wardrobe just yet. It may have saved you from cold winter days but it’s going to do just as well in spring. Denim has always been the kind of fabric that we love to wear all year round and a denim jacket is a great way to give any dress more of a dressed down vibe.denim jacket and skirt outfit
    denim jacket outfit
  2. Classic trench coat – no fashionista goes through the winter days without a reliable trench coat in a classic cut and color. It’s just a must have that every fashion enthusiast should not be without. For spring, it makes a great outerwear to top off your office outfits with, too.trench coat for winter trench coat spring olivia palermo
  3. Ankle boots – your ankle boots were probably one of the things that you got the least use out of since thigh- and knee-high boots were practically everywhere for the winter season so what do you say about getting more out of them this spring? Ankle boots look great with everyday jeans and they look extra fab with denim shorts, too.ankle boots winter outfit ankle boots for spring
  4. Scarves – i personally don’t have that many scarves from this winter but if you do and you’re thinking of putting them away for next fall or winter, stop for a while and look for ones that you can still use in spring. Colorful scarves, ones that aren’t too thick or chunky, and ones that are extra long and pretty — those are the ones you’ll want to keep using for spring.scarf outfit for spring scarf outfit for winter
  5. Winter dresses – long-sleeved, dark, and just a little dreary — that might be how you look at all those dresses you used in winter now that extra bright and playful styles are ahead but don’t get rid of everything just yet. Winter dresses make great spring night outfits, especially with the right accessories.dress for winter dress outfit spring or winter

What are your favorite winter to spring transition pieces? Do you make the best of your winter wardrobe and wear pieces until spring or are you more a shopper who loves to replenish your stocks with new ones for every season?



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