5 Wedding Guest Fashion Ideas for Summer

Weddings are definitely fun to attend, but the heat can be too much to bear for your usual guest dresses. With that being said, you need to maintain your cool (and hip style) with these wedding guest fashion ideas for summer.

Off-Shoulder Dress

Summer is not complete without baring some skin. However, you need to be respectful for a matrimonial ceremony so a good wedding guest fashion dress for a summer wedding is an off-shoulder frock. With this piece, you can look sophisticated – while you showcase your shoulders. Not only is it a grown-up way to be sexy, it allows you to stay cool during the hot summer days.

off shoulder dress in orange

pink off shoulde dress off shoulder dress

Cut Out Dress

The strategic showing of skin is vital for a sexy wedding guest fashion statement. So if you want to showcase your sexy parts without earning a bad look from the groom’s parents, then go for a cut out dress. Of course, make sure to choose a style with strategically cut areas. Frocks with small tummy cut outs or side cut outs are just some of the designs that will keep you casually cool during a summer wedding.

white cutout dress cutout outfit cutout dress

Plunging Dress

If you’re off to a casual, laidback summer wedding – then this is the chance for you to wear a plunging dress. Of course, since it is still a solemn ceremony, avoid styles that let your boobs hang out untastefully. There are styles that are plunging in the right way. These are the best wedding guest fashion ideas for ceremonies with a casual summer vibe to it.

white plunging dress plunging dress plunging outfit

Sheer Dress

As it has been mentioned, baring most of yourself – although it’s very hot outside – is not recommended for a wedding. However, you can circumvent this unwritten rule by wearing a sheer dress – and not the bedroom type, of course. Engage the other guests in this number by making sure that the sheer parts are in the right places. For this wedding guest fashion dress, you can showcase your sexy self – without worrying about what others would say about you.

sheer dress red sheer dress sheer dress in blue

Flowy Dress

Say that you’re still not in the toned body that you wish to have this summer. This shouldn’t make you panic for your friend’s marriage, as a flowy dress is a smart wedding guest fashion dress for summer. This non-restrictive frock is more than perfect because you don’t have to worry about unsightly bulges and what not. Most importantly, you can pig out all you want during the dinner buffet and still look stunning after two rounds of dessert and countless glasses of wine.

flowy guest dress flowy dress outfit flowy dress

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