5 Ways to Wear the Chain Fashion Trend

If you’ve got that feminine style filled with pretty lace and delicate chiffon, then the chain fashion trend may be challenging for you. You don’t have to go for edgy and punk details as you can still keep those feminine items in your wardrobe which could be ideal to offset the chunkiness of this trend. So, keep on reading for our 5 ways to wear the chain fashion trend.

  1. Chain Jewelry

chic jumpsuit with body chain

silver chain necklace and bracelet purple pants with military jacket and gold chain necklace gold chain necklace with chocolate brown dress

Whether you wish to add some glamorous or grunge vibe, a chain necklace can be perfect for you. The key is to select the right material for your personality and style. For instance, if you wish for a glamorous yet edgy vibe, opt for metallic silver or gold chain necklaces and bracelets like Kristina Bazan did, which will add some classy vibe to your feminine dress. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a grunge-chic style, think of body chains or necklaces with black and silver accents that will evoke a punk look in a classy way.

  1. Chain Belt

chain belt with brocade blazer and jeans gold belt on a buttoned blouse chain belts with glamorous outfit

Glamorous and sophisticated, chain belts add some spice to whatever outfit you’re wearing whether it’s a classy dress or casual jeans. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, add some flair to your lace blouse and silk skirt with layers of gold chain belts that will elevate your look instantly. You may also glam up your vintage blazer like Jane Aldridge did by wearing a gold chain belt with your tweed blazer and ripped skinny jeans.

  1. Chained Bag

chain sling bag with black outfit chained tote with winter outfit chained backpack with casual outfit

Search out mini bags and swing them from your wrist. Bags with a handle of links that is almost bigger than the clutch and with a quilted pattern are trendy right now. You can also see some street style stars carrying geometric shaped, metal embellished and long chain handles that perch on their shoulders. Whether chain is just for style or function, the edgy detail can instantly add some flair to whatever outfit you’re wearing.

  1. Chained Outerwear or Dresses

chained blazer with edgy outfit chained dress with edgy sandals chained blazer with metallic shorts

Apart from chained accessories, you can also find some dresses, jackets, and blazers with chains of differing thickness. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, make your casual-chic outfit more glamorous with a blazer with gold chained which will look perfect with your metallic gold shorts. Or, be edgy like fashion editors and wear chain dresses with see-though styles that will give some hint of your skin in a daring and edgy way.

  1. Chained Footwear

edgy boots with all black outfit chained boots with edgy outfit chained boots with casual outfit

One of the most common chained footwear is a pair of boots with chains as decorations. Though you can still go for sandals with chains which can be uncomfortable most of the time, a pair of chained boots can go a long way. Like fashion blogger Annable Fleur, make your casual outfit a bit edgy yet cool with chain boots that can make a bold statement for you. Whatever you choose, whether it’s elegant bags, glamorous jewelry, or boots, we guarantee that this trend will give you a classy yet edgy look.

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