5 Ways to Wear the Backward Shirt Trend

Wearing your shirt backwards may seem like one of the biggest fashion blunders that you can make in your life but with today’s fashion, what once was a fashion faux pas may very well be the next biggest trend. Lately, we’ve been seeing many style stars, especially on Instagram, wearing their shirts backwards and, surprisingly, their outfits look edgy and stylish. If you think there’s no way anyone can pull this off, think again! Street style stars all over the world are doing it and you can, too! Here are tips on how you can wear the backward shirt trend in real life.

  1. Use a button down shirt

This trend may seem fun but remember that it only works for button down shirts and not regular tees. Using regular tees might have you looking funny instead of fabulous so make sure to use only a button down shirt for this look.casual outfit with backward shirt

backward shirt outfit

  1. Start with a simple shirt

If you think this trend is a tad too overwhelming for you, you can always take small, baby steps. This means wearing a very plain and simple, crisp, white shirt for your take on the backward shirt trend. Wearing something really simple is more forgiving compared to when you wear something a bit more detailed.chic street style look backward shirt boyfriend shirt backward dress

  1. Make it look intentional

The key to successfully pulling off the backward shirt trend is to make it look intentional. This means you’ll want your outfit to have that uniquely styled vibe. You’ll also want it to come across as something you actually meant to do instead of a mistake you’ve had no time to fix.sexy backward shirt outfit double denim outfit with backward denim top

  1. Style it like you mean it

Just like the tip mentioned above, when pulling off the backward shirt trend, you’ll want to style your outfit like you mean it. Tuck your shirt and then pull it up just enough to loosen it up a bit. Leave three to found buttons from the back undone to show a bit of skin and, maybe, even pop a necklace with an interesting pendant on and have your pendant dangle at the back, too.striped backward shirt skirt and backward shirt outfit

  1. Give it your own twist

Just because the girls on Instagram are wearing it tucked in their jeans doesn’t mean you have to do the exact same thing. Think of ways to give the backward shirt trend your own twist. You could wear an oversized one to style as a backward dress or wear it with a skirt for a flirty, fun look.

all white outfit backward shirt strappy heels and backward shirt


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