5 Ways to Take Your Outerwear to the Next Level

Now that the cold season is upon us, I’m pretty sure many of you out there have already busted out their favorite outerwear, be it an everyday parka jacket, a trend coat or a fur one. You don’t have to have a lot of outerwear to make it through fall and winter in style. Even if all you have is your go-to coat and a spare, you can still look fab during these cold times. Here are 5 ways to take your outerwear to the next level.

  • CINCH IT WITH A BELT – cinching your outerwear by the waist with a belt not only adds shape to your figure, it also makes your whole outfit in general look a lot more feminine and shapely. Make a statement with it by opting for a striking belt that catches the eye. A belt in a color that creates contrast against the color of your jacket / coat is the perfect way to create a simple and subtle statement, especially during the daytime though it works for nighttime looks as well.belted coat
    belted pink coat outfit
  • DRAPE IT OVER YOUR SHOULDERS – this styling technique is an easy way to give your everyday outerwear a more expensive look and feel to it. Instead of wearing the sleeves on your arms, let them hang when you drape them on instead. This is a great way to layer when you need more than just one outerwear for a really cold day or night outdoors.draped neutral coat draped metallic jacket
  • POP THE COLLAR – forget about drowning the top quarter of your outerwear with a scarf and instead just show it off! if your outerwear has a collar, pop it to make it stand out and make a statement with it. Not only will this make your outerwear look more edgy and cool, it will also give a simple outfit a better and more fashion forward look.popped collar on coat popped collar by miranda kerr
  • SCRUNCH UP THE SLEEVES – if you want to rough up or dress down a look that’s involving a rather dressy outerwear, simply scrunch up the sleeves and you should be good to go. Having scrunched up sleeves can really give your outfit that edgy, street style look which can be hard to achieve when you’re wearing something dressy as a blazer or a coat.

scrunched sleeves on trench coat scrunched sleeves layered with knits

  • ADD AN ACCESSORY – on the other hand, if you think popping the collar is a bit too young and hip for you, you can always stick to adding an accessory to it. A few couple of glitzy brooches can instantly give your outerwear a more upscale feel while a gorgeous scarf can give it that casual, laidback but still posh and sophisticated vibe.

accessorized with fur collar and brooch accessorized with a chanel brooch


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