5 Ways to Style a Kimono Cardigan

If you’re looking for a piece to add to your outfit that will serve as both a statement piece and something that will keep you nice and warm, a kimono cardigan might just be what you are looking for. Kimono cardigans tend to have a very soft and feminine vibe to them. The loose fit that this piece provides drapes beautifully on anyone who wears it and adds a very girly touch to the look. If you’re curious about this gorgeous everyday outerwear, check out these different ways to style a kimono cardigan.

  1. WITH TASSELS AND/OR FRINGES – tassels on fringes on a kimono cardigan give this spring / summer staple a more fall-appropriate vibe. Having tassels and/or fringes on your kimono cardigan also adds a lot of movement to the piece, making it the perfect outerwear to go for if you want just the subtlest hint of drama to your look.fringe and tassels on kimono cardigan
    fringed colorful kimono cardigan
  2. WITH PLAIN PIECES – if you’re sporting a plain and simple look today with nothing but solid colors on your pieces and you want to add a bit of a fun and girly detail to your look, simply top off your outfit with a sheer, printed kimono cardigan. It’s not going to overwhelm your outfit with print details but it will give it that nice, balanced touch.plain white outfit with printed kimono cardigan plain black outfit with printed kimono cardigan
  3. WITH A SHORT / BODYCON DRESS – want to dress down that posh bodycon dress or that sexy mini dress so you can wear it with a more casual vibe? Just top it off with a kimono cardigan to instantly dress it down and you won’t have any problems being overdressed for a casual day. Fininshing off your look with flats or even low key sneakers is sure to give your dress an even more laidback look.dress and black and white kimono cardigan dress and kimono cardigan
  4. IN MAXI LENGTH – if you haven’t already purchased your kimono cardigan or if you’re looking for another piece to add to your collection, a maxi kimono cardigan is something you should definitely consider. Maxi kimono cardigans add movement and drama to any look, but in a very subtle and flattering way.maxi holiday kimono cardigan maxi kimono cardigan
  5. WITH A BELT – if you’re not feeling the whole loose, Boho-ish kind of vibe that your kimono cardigan is giving you, you can always add a bit of structure to your outfit by cinching your kimono cardigan by the waist and defining your natural waist line a little bit more. This gives a nice, defined silhouette to your look while also adding street style credits to your outfit.

belted printed kimono cardigan belted printed kimono cardigan

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