5 Ways to Make Your Office-Wear More Comfortable (and Still Look Professional)

Though wearing sky-high stilettos, perfectly fitted pencil skirt, and a stiff blazer looks professional and poised, office-wear often lacks a major element of good style which is comfort. Remember, you have to feel good in order to look good on your outfits. If you’re distracted thinking about your aching feet, or if you can’t freely move in what you’re wearing, you’ll look uncomfortable without poise. So, keep on reading for the 5 ways to make your office-wear more comfortable and still look professional.

  1. Invest in a pair of fitted black pants that have some stretch.

black skinny jeans with camel coat and striped sweater

black pants with plaid shirt and classic pants

Every woman knows it is essential to walk fast and powerfully and that forgiving clothing is needed to do so. Unlike classic stiff black pants that often have a less-than-flattering shape, stretchy trousers will look stylish and be secretly cozy. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a pair of stretchy skinny jeans if your office allows you to wear denim. Or, look for a pair of straight-leg pants with a good stretch that will still create a sleeker version of ‘office lady’ that will make you feel like you can take charge and look good at the same time.

  1. Embrace flats and block heeled shoes that look chic and professional.

chic loafers with layered outfit hot pink skirt with white blazer and brown sweater flat ankle strap with office outfit

Though classic pumps are the traditional shoes in a professional environment, some offices allow flats and block heeled shoes that you may take advantage of. If you want a little height without the foot ache, block heels are the way to go. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you may opt for a pair of ankle boots with block heels that support all-day standing, while matching almost every outfit. When going for flat shoes, remember that not all flats are created equal. If your flat shoes make your feet ache, toss them and find ones that are comfortable and stylish. Though the pointier the toe is the better, keep in mind that cheap versions of shoes always lack support and don’t hold up.

  1. Go for a perfect-fitting and versatile dress.

fall office dress with leather gloves and boots knit dress with tall boots and jacket

If you’re not a fan of mixing and matching your pieces to create different looks, then resort to a perfect fitting dress. Just go for a dress that’s flattering on your body type and has the softest material to keep you comfortable. Also, it’s important to have a dress that can be layered and worn multiple times for any work situation. Like Mary Orton, think of wearing your dress with a button-down shirt, jacket, blazer, colorful scarf, or even statement jewelry to change up the look.

  1. Skip those waist-cinching belts by wearing structured toppers.

military coat with printed trousers and black top structured pink coat with office outfit

Though belts are stylish and functional to define your waist, they’re often uncomfortable to move in. To highlight your slim waist without a belt, go for a structured coat, blazer, or vest that’s dissimilar from the color of your top to create a vertical line that visually makes you look slimmer.

  1. Think of a pair of canvas sneakers to keep you effortless on your casual workplace.

sneakers with sweater and knit skirt sneakers with fall outfit sneakers with cuffed jeans and blazer

If you’re working in a casual workplace that allows jeans and sneakers, resort to a white pair of canvas sneakers that look chic and polished for the office. By heeding these tricks, you’ll make your office looks comfortable at the same time professional.

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