5 Ways to Instantly Make Your Outfit More Interesting

We’re all about putting together outfits worthy of a second take, but sometimes it feels like we’ve used up all our tips and tricks. Wearing print-on-print, Canadian tuxedo, monochromatic outfits and such can be stylish, but can also look boring when overdone. If you’re in need of fresh ways to make your outfit more interesting, keep on reading to scoop our 5 instant tricks.

  1. Wear a statement necklace or a colorful scarf.

off shoulder dress with silk scarf and jeans

statement gold necklace with black dress silk scarf with lavender sweater and skirt metallic bib necklace with chambray shirt and skirt

If you’re wearing a very simple outfit, just like a chambray shirt worn with maxi skirt try to make it look more interesting with a metallic bib necklace that will complement your theme. Since black look elegant when paired with gold accent, be inspired by Annabelle Fleur’s look by wearing a black dress with a chunky gold necklace, making your basic dress look glamorous. Also, you can pick different scarf styles that will suit your preppy outfit, casual jeans, and romantic dresses making them look more attractive.

  1. Test out a statement blazer or coat.

statement vest with leather pants transparent jacket with chic outfit transparent coat with chic dress and scarf patent leather jacket with green dress

Slip into a blazer with a unique detail, like lace sleeves or shoulder embellishments and team it with neutral separates for a well-balanced look. If you’re not a fan of embellishments, try going for a plastic-like or transparent blazer or coat that will create interest on your flirty outfits. Unique and unexpected, transparent coats can be stylish and functional essential in the colder season. Just go for a lightweight blazer or vest in the summer if you wish to add some polish to your outfits.

  1. Layer like a pro.

edgy dress with striped sweater leather on leather outfit with button down shirt layered outfit with book clutch fur coat wirh sequin pants and sneakers

Apart from topping your outfit with a coat or blazer, extend your layering styles with turtlenecks, button-down shirts, dresses, jackets, and tops. Like fashion stylist Liz Uy, always keep the interest going by giving some contrast on your textures just like wearing a fur coat with a pair of sequin pants and a knitted top. The key is to keep the balance and structure of whatever outfit you’re wearing.

  1. Carry a playful bag or clutch.

quirky bag with leopard print coat printed dress with quirky clutch graphic clutch with billowy dress tweed outfit with quirky bag

Even if the rest of your outfit is subdued, a stylish bag or a quirky clutch can add the perfect dose of fun to your ensemble. If you’re a preppy type of girl, think of Mickey Mouse shaped bags that will look perfect with your printed dresses and skirts. Since it’s summer, think of tropical fruits that might inspire your style such as carrying a watermelon clutch with your playful outfit, as well as a mango-shaped bag with your leopard coat.

  1. Opt for statement footwear.

architectural sandals with chic outfit statement shoes with casual outfit statement gladiator sandals with edgy outfit high waist shorts with statement shoes

Shoes can make or break your look, so go for ones that give harmony to your overall outfit. If you have a minimalist style, pay attention to structures on your footwear just like wearing a pair of gladiator sandals or architectural heels with your chic outfit. On the other hand, if you’re wearing muted and simple outfit and wish for a trendy look, go eccentric on your footwear choices such as picking ones with fur details, bright colors, and creative prints. This way, you’ll instantly make your ordinary outfits looks more interesting and stunning.

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