5 Ways to Dress the Top-Heavy Figure

One of the most difficult figure types to dress is the top-heavy woman. You may find skin-tight t-shirts and halter dresses too skimpy and tend to pile on bulky layers to conceal your flaws. If you have problem areas on your chest, shoulders, or arms, read our styling tricks to flatter your top-heavy figure.

  1. Opt for loose and non-clingy tops to match with your skinny bottoms.

draped top with black pants

loose top with green skinny pants loose tee with skinny jeans and tote bag loose button down shirt with skinny jeans

Skip those tank tops and fitted tees, especially if you have some issues like broad shoulders, heavy busts, and muffin tops. Instead, go for draped blouses, tunics, boxy tops, and V-neck blouses in a non-clingy fabric. Like Kristina Bazan, you may go for a loose sweater and a pair of skinny jeans to keep your casual style sleek and polished by maintaining the good proportions of your silhouette. If you’re a fan of tucking your button-down shirts with your pants, then simply opt for a roomier top that will conceal your heavy bust line and shoulders like Annabelle Fleur did.

  1. Draw the attention away from your top part with eye-catching bottoms.

colorful skirt with red shoes and button down shirt 2. sexy top with printed skirt pink culottes with classic top and blazer embellished sweater with ruffled skirt embellished skirt with loose top combat boots with chiffon blouse and floral pants

Wearing ruffles, embellishments, catchy prints, and bright colors on your bottom piece will draw the eyes away from your top-heavy figure. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may simply go for a plain button-down shirt to be spiced up by a rainbow-striped skirt and brightly colored sandals. If you’re not a fan of colors and prints, simply opt for a neutral or pastel shade of ruffled skirt like Blair Eadie did, adding some volume to her bottom part to make her body look more proportional.

  1. Go for flattering necklines and forgiving silhouettes on your dresses.

black and white dress with structured clutch wrap dress with yellow sandals printed peasant dress green dress with pastel clutch boho dress with gladiator sandals

Fit and flare dresses, empire waists, and halter tops will only accentuate your heavy areas especially shoulders and bust, so resort to dresses with banded waist and draped silhouette to avoid clinging to your bust line and shoulders. A wrap dress with sleeves can be flattering as long as it has a forgiving waistband. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may opt for a V-neck dress in shift or peasant style to conceal your top-heavy part especially if you’re worrying about your muffin top.

  1. Go for high-waist bottoms to highlight your slim waist.

draped blouse with accordion skirt high waist pencil skirt with button down shirt high waist leather skirt with loose tee

High-waist bottoms will work if you have broad shoulders and heavy arms as it draws the attention away from your top. Like Kristina Bazan, simply opt for a high-waist leather shorts with A-line silhouette to add some volume to your bottoms making your top part more proportioned. If you have a great waist definition and wish to conceal your heavy arms, then copy Mary Orton’s style pairing a chic button down shirt with a pencil skirt. However, if you have issues about having a muffin top, skip this style as it will only highlight your problem areas.

  1. Create a vertical line with blazers and coats.

stuctured coat with casual chic outfit porkpies hat with houndstooth dress pink jacket with abstract dress and pink pumps olive green knitted dress with vest and boots camel coat with denim on denim outfit boxy blazer with black outfit blazer with all black outfit

Wearing coats, blazers, and jackets with your outfit will create a vertical line on your body, therefore making your top part look more proportional and balanced. This will work best if you’ll create a high contrast on your colors like wearing a blue outfit with a camel coat, or a printed dress with a plain colored coat.

This way, you’ll flatter your top-heavy figure while looking fashion-forward and chic on your street looks.

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