5 Trends We’d Love to See More Of

The last year was filled with trends that we loved and wore with confidence and we’re hoping that this new year has lots more of those to bring but while we wait to see what trends this year brings, why don’t we savor the trends we loved so much from the previous year? At least while we can, that is. Obviously, not all trends from last year were pretty but luckily, most of them were. Here are some of the trends we’d love to see more of. What are yours?

  • JUMPSUITS (and ROMPERS) – jumpsuits are still pretty big and we couldn’t be happier. Need an outfit that’s effortlessly chic? Slip into a jumpsuit. Want something easy and fab? Wear a jumpsuit. Impromptu night out with friends? Your jumpsuit has got you covered. The great thing about a jumpsuit is that you can dress it up and dress it down as needed. You can wear it to run errands but also to replace your LBD for a fancy occasion or your suit for the office.

tubetop jumpsuit cropped length

tan and blue outfit striped romper jewel toned jumpsuit floral romper

  • CAPES AND PONCHOS – outerwear has never been this cozy and chic! Ponchos and capes are in full effect right now and everyone is wearing them. If you’re looking for something that will keep the cold out while giving you major street style cred, this is the trend for you. Check out these tips on how to wear capes and ponchos.

brown knit cape classy cape outfit gray poncho cape cute fringed poncho plaid fringed poncho

  • SUITS – suiting up became quite the trend, too, thanks to style stars like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson who showed us how to do it right. Wearing a suit can make you look sleek, smart and posh. If you’re new to the trend, start out with something simple like a black and white combo then work your way towards brighter colors and bold prints.

white suit taylor swift skirt suit tux printed suit outfit black and white suit floral zip up suit

  • PRINT ON PRINT – doubling up on prints seemed to be a ridiculous idea until recently when style stars started going all out on their prints and doing the print on print trend. Many are still overwhelmed by this trend but it’s actually quite easy to pull off as long as you know what and how to mix and match. The main thing to remember when doing the print on print trend is to aim for balance. Small prints on top call for larger prints down the bottom and vice versa.

striped and floral combo print on print trend floral top and skirt combo double plaid outfit black and white print on print

  • CROP TOPS – crop tops are super hot for spring and summer but they’re just as fab for fall and winter, too! Of course, layering is essential when wearing these during cold seasons so you can keep warm.

crop top and maxi crop top outfit all black cropped sweater and plaid pants matching crop top and shorts outfit winter crop top outfit idea

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