5 Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Style

No matter how trendy or fashionable we are, we tend to get stucked in a style rut. If you feel like wearing the same look over and over again, and seeking for inspirations to spice them up, keep on reading for our 5 tips to dramatically improve your style.

  1. Go for a flattering fit.

leather jacket with urban outfit and structured bag

peplum top with chambray shortschic fall outfit

Regardless of your clothes’ price tag and brand, if it’s ill-fitting, it won’t look great on you. So, you have to know the best styles that work for your body shape, therefore flaunting your assets rather than showing your flaws. If you’re slim and lack curves, you might be inspired by Annabelle Fleur’s outfit by wearing a peplum top to add some volume on your hips while cinching your waist. A high waist skirt is great to elongate your leg line while a jacket can slim down your midsection.

  1. A great pair of shoes can dress up your overall look.

black matching set with heels leopard pumps with military romper colorful heels with pastel outfit

Shoes can make or break your outfit, so be careful picking them. With shoes, it’s about quality so better have three to four pairs of great shoes that will last in a lifetime over twenty-five generic-looking bargain brands. Think of spending some money and go for the best shoes you can afford, but make sure they’re comfortable. Quality made shoes are traditionally stitched, not glued to the bottom of the soles. You may think of a pair of black pumps that can take you from work to play or a pair of colorful heels that can add some life to your muted outfits.

  1. When it doubt, keep everything simple.

denim on denim outfit with camel coat printed culottes with chic top off shoulder top with skinny jeans

Though we may want to stand out from the crowd, mixing and matching your staples is not that easy. If you’re in doubt, you could never go wrong by keeping your outfit muted, simple, and minimal. A monochromatic dressing is a timeless way of looking elegant though wearing subtle prints with your plain ensembles will make your outfit more interesting.

  1. Make those fashion trends work for you.

frayed denim dress oversized sweater with culottes backward shirt with jeans

Trends come and go, so don’t invest on trendy pieces that won’t last for a long time. If you have an eye for a specific trend just like an oversized trend, make it work for you by paying attention to your outfit structure that will flatter your frame. Frayed hemlines are trendy and you might think of a frayed denim dress to add some effortlessly cool vibe to your street style.

  1. Wear attitude and confidence on your street looks.

printed dress with blazer leather jacket with fall outfit crop top with skirt and coat

Regardless how beautiful and stylish your clothes are, if you’re not confident enough to wear them it will ruin your overall look. You have to walk gracefully in your heels, feel confident on your posture, and channel your personality through the clothes you’re wearing. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to dramatically improve your style in no time.

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