5 Tips for Layering Without Looking Bulky

Layering is one of the most useful and practical styling tricks that one can do to elevate her looks. It doesn’t cost a thing (given that you use what is in your closet), and you can easily customize it depending on your personal style preference. What’s more is that layering can help you keep warm and snug which is why it is especially perfect for fall and winter. However, some women are afraid of piling up layers because it tends to make them look chunky and big. Here are a few tips for layering without looking bulky.


  1. Limit your layers – having too many layers at once is what can make your outfit look bulky and unflattering. To avoid this, it is best to stick with the general fashion “rule” that is to limit your layers to a maximum of three, including outerwear. This will keep you from forming bulky layers that will make you look chunky.gorgeous-layered-outfit
  2. Opt for light layers whenever possible – another way to dodge the chunky and bulky look when sporting a layered look is to opt for lighter layers whenever possible. Instead of a tank top and a bubble jacket, try a tank top layered up with a knit jacket or a wool cardigan. You get the same warmth without the bulk.light-but-stylish-fall-layers light-fall-layers
  3. Layer with accessories – who says you can only layer with clothes? If you’re looking to add more depth and dimension to your look but can’t afford more bulk added to your ensemble, you can always create more layers by adding accessories instead of clothes. It’s a clever way to add more dimension to your look without compromising a nice silhouette.accessorized-outfit-layered accessorized-with-a-scarf
  4. Create a color scheme – layering becomes so much easier when you have a solid color scheme planned out for your look. For fall, it’s best to layer up warm, neutral colors for an easy and sophisticated look, although you can always bring in a pop of something bright if you feel that the darker colors are too much.color-scheme-earth-tones-for-fall color-scheme-pastel-and-gray
  5. Balance out your silhouette – oversized sweaters are super popular during fall, but if you want to rock the look, you have to make sure you balance out your silhouette. This means no more of the baggy stuff from the waist down, so skinny jeans and leggings make the best choice as far as what to wear oversized sweaters go. The same goes true if you are adding volume on the lower part of your look; the top silhouette should be clean and slim as could be.

balanced-beautifully balanced-silhouette-gorgeous-tan-look


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