5 Swimsuits that can Lengthen Legs Naturally

Do you have short legs? You need not worry this summer as you can achieve supermodel-long legs – without surgical intervention – with these swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally.

High-Cut Monokinis

Monokinis are hot, hot, hot this summer! So if you have some tummy problems or love handles that you need to cover, then high-cut monokinis are the swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally. What’s great about these suits is that they have openings that reach the hip bones – thereby giving you the illusion of legs that go on for miles.

high cut monokini

high cut white monokini

High-Cut Bikinis

If you are a fan of two-piece swimsuits, then high-cut bikinis are the swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally. Again, the high cut exposes much flesh – although tastefully – and gives you the image of lusty long legs.

As for the choice of your bikini top, it will depend on the size of your chest. If you are on the smaller side of the spectrum, then choose a top with ruffles and frills so as to create the illusion of a bigger bust.

As for hefty-chested beauties, pick a top with thicker straps and underwire support. These factors are very important, especially if you don’t want your boobs all over the place – most importantly if you plan on making a dive into the pool.

high cut bikini high cut bikini bottom

Tie-Side Bikinis

Apart from high-cut bikinis, another one of the swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally is the tie-side bikini. Again, the illusion of leaner legs is made possible because of its ability to show additional skin.

When it comes to the bikini top, the same rules apply. A volume-creating top is best for flat-chested ladies, while adequately-supported tops are ideal for the blessed ones.

tie side bikini tie side bikini bottom

Swimsuits with Solid-Colored Bottoms

If you are not comfortable wearing high-cut monokinis or bikinis, you don’t have to worry as there are other ‘conservative’ swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally. The trick is to pick a monokini or a high-waisted bikini with a solid-colored bottom. Not only will it elongate your legs, it can help flatter your figure as well. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

solid color bottom solid color bottom outfit

Swimsuits with Skirt Bottoms

If you are a curvy girl, know that there are a handful of swimsuits that can lengthen legs naturally. Swimwear with skirt bottoms is a good example. Not only will this provide coverage, it can help you achieve the look of longer legs as well.

Make the most out of your skirt-bottomed monokini by choosing a style with ruching. This will help flatter your figure and bring out the hourglass shape in you.

skirt bikini skirt bikini outfit

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