5 Summer Fashion Staples for the Office

Summer offers fine weather – but it can be smokin’ hot at times. With that being said, your fall or winter office outfits might not be apt for the sweltering weather. Look cool and feel refreshed – even with the many pressures of work – with these airy summer fashion staples for the office.

Light Shirtdress

Do you have days when you are just too lazy to style up? For these summer days, make sure to wear a shirtdress to the office. As one of the pretty summer fashion staples for work, it can keep you cool – whilst maintaining your professional look. What’s great about this item is that you can wear it a number of ways. Belted, loose, or layered with a vest – these are just some of the options for these classic summer fashion staples for the office.


shirtdress outfit shirtdress attire

Shift Dress

Another one of summer fashion staples that can unleash the girly-girl in you is the shift dress. The key to keeping cool in shift dresses is to pick styles made with breathable fabrics, such as cotton or stretch wool. Again, the styling possibilities are endless for these summer fashion staples. As an added bonus, you can wear it during the colder seasons as well – as long as it is layered accordingly.

shift dress outfit shift dress attire shift dress

Cami Top

Yes, a cami top is very casual – but you can use it as one of your summer fashion staples for the office. Instead of the usual sweater or button-down top, your cami can serve as the first layer for your summer office looks. It makes for a versatile item as well, as all you need to do is remove your blazer or jacket after work hours. You can layer it with new outerwear or better yet, just wear it all alone.
cami top attirecami top outfit cami top


Skinny trousers are perfect office pieces, but the tight-fitting ones can render your legs sweaty during the hot summer days. As such, the best way to keep your gams aired appropriately is to wear culottes. Available in a variety of colors, lengths, and styles, these funky summer fashion staples can be worn to work – and to play as well.

culottes attireculottes outfit culottes

Wide-Leg Trousers

If culottes are deemed too casual in your office, then your next best bet is the wide-leg trouser. Like culottes, it permits air flow with its flared ends. Apart from being comfy, wide-leg trousers are very fashionable as well. After all, it is reminiscent of the vintage look that is all the rage nowadays.

wide leg trouser wide leg pants wide leg bottoms

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