5 Styles of Jackets and Coats That Will Flatter You

Transitioning from the damp breeze of fall to icy plunge of winter means you’ll need a few different jackets and coats that will keep you warm and stylish. However, you must find the perfect fit and styles of toppers to compliment your body and maximize the overall comfort and function of the outerwear. So, keep on reading for the 5 styles of jackets and coats that will flatter you.

  1. Modern Style



A modern style of a blazer is fitted but not tight, allowing just the right amount of room to comfortably move. Remember, your blazer or coat should fit comfortably and close to the body. But, keep in mind the clothes you’re going to wear with them as they must accommodate your underlying clothes and allow room for optional layers. Also, the arm area should fit well, but not be too tight and you should comfortably raise your arm at shoulder height with a good fit. All body types will look flattering in a modern style of blazers and coats that you can wear in formal settings like offices.

  1. Oversized Style

oversized-coat-with-printed-pants-and-sneakers oversized-cobalt-blue-blazer-with-skinny-pants

An oversized style is a nicely draped loose jacket that gives a trendy look. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, you may opt for an oversized coat with structure to add some trendy vibe to your fall looks. You may go for jewel toned jackets, blazers, or coats to add some sophistication to your style since oversized pieces tend to look sloppy when worn unflatteringly.

  1. Straight Style

chic-tuxedo-blazer-with-maxi-dress structured-blue-coat-with-chic-outfit pastel-blue-blazer-with-casual-outfit

A straight style of jacket or coat is a straight cut from the shoulders down the hemline. However, the coat or jacket should hang straight down the front of the body. Like fashion blogger Desiree Selmanovic, you might team your tuxedo blazer with a crop top and maxi skirt to show your curves naturally, since the straight fit can hide your curves. A straight fit of jackets and coats look flattering for women with apple shape, inverted triangle shape, and straight body shape.

  1. Fitted Style

sailor-blazer-with-jeans red-matching-blazer-and-pants-with-studded-gravity-shoes

A fitted cut is broad through the shoulders and tapered around the waist. This is the sexiest style of blazer and coat you may go for since it accentuates your womanly curves, especially if you’re hourglass or pear-shaped. Remember, the style and fit of a coat or jacket can change your entire look. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Grace, you may go for a fitted sailor blazer that looks sexy and feminine even when worn with casual jeans.

  1. A-line Style

all-black-outfit-with-red-blazer black-blazer-with-chic-flared-pants asymmetric-dress-with-blazer-and-elegant-pumps

An A-line cut is fitted through the shoulders and chest with a more volume from the hips down that looks flattering for straight body types and apple body shapes. Like fashion blogger Jenny Tsang, balance you’re a-line blazer with a pair of skinny jeans to keep the structure of your outfit. Indeed, picking a perfect fitting blazer, jacket, or coat will flatter not only your body type but also your personality.

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