5 Style Secrets to Steal from Italian Women

Chasing trends while keeping your timeless elegance may sound contradicting but Italian women command outfit with ease. If you’re aiming for an Italian look with a mix of modern, classic, and personalized style, keep on reading to scoop some of our tricks.

  1. Flatter your body.

breezy maxi dress with sling bag

sexy red mermaid dress with novelty clutch doc marten boots with modern classic leather dress

If you’re looking to get that Italian style, the most important thing to keep in mind is flattering your shape. Italian women know that wearing flattering clothes for their figures is always in style so they choose their clothing based on this principle. As a rule of thumb, you must go for clothes that follow the contours of your body. Embrace your natural beauty and accentuate your best features. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, you may think of a sexy red dress in a mermaid cut to add some volume on your hips while keeping everything classy and feminine.

  1. Transcend trends.

all black outfit with modern classic shoes and nude sling bag classic coat with sequin dress and loafers chic navy dress with trilby hat and boots

Italian women know how to keep up with the trends but they also know that some styles outlast all fashion week fads. If you wish to look trendy on your street style, forget about wearing trends just to fit in with the crowd and let your style show the world show who you really are. If you steer clear of fast fashion stores that function on a trend-to-trend basis, your personal tastes finally will emerge and you will be naturally drawn to clothes you genuinely love. Just allow patterns, colors, prints, and styles from different decades to inspire you.

  1. Have fun with your style.

chic red dress with quirky sunglasses and novelty backpack polka dots dress with striped sweater

Your goal is not to blend in but rather to stand out. Italian fashion bloggers are great examples how to embrace fashion with joy and playfulness. Like fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni, think of updating your classic ensembles with trendy accessories that can reflect your playful personality just like wearing a pair of quirky sunglasses and a novelty backpack with your classic red dress. Also, think of kooky patterns, contrasting colors, daring ruffles that can give you statement-making look. Don’t be afraid of rocking unconventional details such as embroidery, metallic touches, retro patterns, or even sequins. There is a reason why Italians are the masters of couture.

  1. Don’t worry about perfection.

chic pom pom dress with heels graphic print velvet dress with boots

Free yourself from internal expectations to look flawless, as Italian women wear exactly what she pleases which allows for more creative and authentic fashion choices. With her classic dress styled with quirky details, fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni showed us that true style is not about getting perfection. Remember, fashion is the platform through which you can celebrate your natural self.

  1. Carry your look with confidence.

white outfit with gold belt and leopard scarf graphic print dress with lug sole sneakers

Having a great style is not just about your clothing and makeup as it’s about how you present yourself. Just take the opportunity this season to explore your own style and cultivate your confidence. Italian women prove that loving yourself translates into looking good. By stealing these style secrets from Italian women, you’ll be able to get a great style while staying true to your individuality.

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