5 Stunning Colors to Wear for Fall

Fall is always a good time to get a break from all the bright colors, crazy prints and funky patterns but that doesn’t mean we should avoid all sorts of colors and stick to just black and white instead. This season, instead of donning on vibrant hues, channel something more relaxing and more posh by opting for richer and darker colors. Here are some of the most stunning colors to wear for fall.

  • MILITARY GREEN – this is the perfect color to wear if you’re going for a utilitarian kind of look. The best piece to wear in this hue? A parka jacket, of course! Military green is a gorgeous fall color if you’re tired of the usual neutrals but don’t want to stray away from these hues too much, this grayish green color would be a good place to start.

military green top and leather shorts

military green jacker and chambray top military green dress and black belt

  • BURNT ORANGE – getting ready to transition from summer to fall? If you’ve been loving the warmer shades of red and orange lately, a good color to help you kick off your transition would be burnt orange. Think of burnt orange as a color that’s a shade or two darker than tangerine. It’s warm, it’s rich but it’s not as dark as the usual fall hues we’re all so used to seeing once the season is about to come.

burnt orange pants and striped top burnt orange sweater and skirt burnt orange and maroon outfit

  • MARSALA – another warm shade that you can wear for fall without succumbing to everyday ordinary neutrals while still achieving that warmth and richness in your look is marsala. Dubbed as ‘Color of the Year’ for the current year, this rich red hue is sure to add a hint of sophistication into your wardrobe.

marsala fringe coat marsala jacket velvet like texture marsala matching set

  • MIDNIGHT BLUE – now, if you’re looking for a neutral – ish kind of color and don’t want to wear anything black, white or gray, you can always opt for midnight blue instead. This dark shade of blue is the perfect color to wear for fall if you’re looking for something cool, posh, elegant and chic. It’s a beautiful color on its own, worn in a monochromatic outfit, but you can mix and match it with other colors as well.

midnight blue monochromatic look midnight blue skirt and crisp white top midnight blue sweater and jeans

  • PEWTER GRAY – for those who love a good ol’ classic color in their look, pewter gray would be a nice color to wear. This is a very chic color that you can wear everyday and have fun mixing and matching your other pieces with. To make the color less boring, choose gray pieces that come with interesting prints or gorgeous textures. This will liven up your look and make it more striking.

pewter gray and white pewter gray with sparkles pewter gray


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