5 Steps to Building Your Style from Ground Zero

Whether you’re working in an artsy business environment or simply wish to express yourself in fashion, you must have a well-rounded style that reflects your personality. So, keep on reading for our 5 steps to building your style from ground zero.

  1. Know the image and personality you want to be perceived and dress based on it.


turtleneck-sweater-with-jeans floral-print-matching-crop-top-and-full-skirt

If you wish to express yourself through the clothes you’re wearing, you must know first the image and personality you have, or you want to be perceived. It may be helpful to know some of your personality traits that will give you some idea what to wear. This way, you’ll have some definition of your style when you try on some clothes in stores and realize that “it’s just not you”. For example, if you decided to look “luxurious”, then you have to keep it in mind when you’re out shopping. If you’ve found a good-looking item think first if you could describe it as luxurious, if not then leave it behind in the store.

  1. Get some style inspiration.

layered-necklace-with-cropped-sweater-and-pastel-pants leather-jacket-with-modern-outfit

Drawing inspirations from fashion magazines, fashion blogs, street style and such can be great to help you develop your style. However, only pick the inspirations that reflect your personality as all of us are different. If you’re looking for a romantic style, you may be inspired by fashion blogger Chantal Galda who’s known for her flirty outfits in feminine shades and pastel hues.

  1. Know what you love.

hamburger-print-tee-with-skirt maxi-dress-with-bohemian-necklace

By asking yourself what you love, you’ll get some guide on clothing styles and accessory choices. This way, you can replicate those pieces to ensure that you have a wardrobe full of clothes that you love. If you’re looking for a carefree and bohemian statement, maxi dresses and tribal necklaces are for you. The same way applies to dynamic, upbeat, successful, and dramatic looks.

  1. Know what you don’t love.

metallic-gold-skirt-with-quirky-tee casual-fall-outfit-with-suede-ankle-boots

By knowing the things that you don’t love, it will be helpful for you to define the things that you truly love, therefore making smart purchases by staying away from stores that don’t fit your style. You will realize that there are some elements of style that are just not for you, from fit to fabric, pattern to detail. Though some find relaxed, cool, and effortless statement attractive, if it doesn’t suit your personality, then denim cut-off shorts, military jackets, and tees are not for you. If you wish for an elegant style, then toss those flashy metallic skirts and quirky print tops.

  1. Play, try, and create.

boho-chic-outfit-with-boots metallic-silver-jacket-with-eccentric-outfit quirky-print-matching-set

Rather than sticking with your same-old, same old ways of dressing, play with your ensembles and try to create the looks you truly love. Honing your style takes time and effort, though it comes more naturally to others. With a little time, patience, and practice, you too can build your style from ground zero.

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