5 Ravishing Hair Color Ideas for Redheads

Genuine redheads are very rare. So if you’re one of the chosen few, then you need to celebrate! Add more dimension to your standout hair by trying out any of these ravishing hair color ideas for redheads.

Bright Copper

Bright copper hair – like that of Karen Elson – is one of the boldest hair color ideas for redheads. While this looks stunning, the fact of the matter is bright red tresses tend to lose juice right away. So if you want to maintain the fresh bright copper hair that Karen is known for – avoid daily shampooing. At most, shampoo your hair three times a week with formulations that have color-protecting properties.

karen elson red hair

karen elson hair karen elson redhead

Strawberry Blonde

If you have fair skin with pink undertones (just like superstar Nicole Kidman,) then strawberry blonde is one of the hair color ideas for redheads that you should try out. This shade offers the perfect red tones that can brighten up your face. For best results, use medium or dark blonde dye for these flattering hair color ideas for redheads.

nicole kidman red hair nicole kidman hair nicole kidman redhead


Another one of the good hair color ideas for redheads with light skin is apricot. Embodied by the voluptuous Christina Hendricks, apricot is a bright variation that works well with light-skinned women. To make this hair color work for good, make sure to dye all hair sections – from the roots to the tips – with the same amount of coloring time for each part. This will prevent fading. At the same time, it can prolong the vibrancy of your bouncy apricot locks.

christina redhead christina red hair


Do you own a pair of beautiful blue or green eyes? Then cinnamon hair color ideas for redheads are more up your alley.  Like Julianne Moore, you can embrace cinnamon locks – as it can flatter your appearance even more. Apart from looking good on blue or green-eyed redheads, cinnamon compliments women with fair and olive skin tones as well. If you have most of these qualities, then cinnamon hair color ideas for redheads should be at the top of your list.

julianne moore hair julianne moore red hair julianne moore redhead


If you possess an olive skin tone, then you’ll be glad to know that ginger is one of the best hair color ideas for redheads like you. With such a skin tone, you are entitled to go the deepest reds that you have been wishing for. A balance of copper and brown – as seen on Marcia Cross – is one of the finest hair color ideas for redheads who wish to be headturners! For best results, avoid highlights, as the deep brown and copper colors are enough the way they are.

marcia cross hair marcia cross red hair marcia cross redhead

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