5 Must-Have Fashion Combination for This Summer

Creating chic fashion combinations is easy if you know what you’re aiming for. There are a thousand and one combinations you can make just by using what you already have in your closet. Just let your imagination loose and allow your creative side to take over and mixing and matching will be a breeze. To help you get started, here are some of the most gorgeous must-have fashion combinations for this summer. Check them out and be inspired.

  • TROPICAL SUNSET – this fashion combination is sure to make you wish you were at the beach instantly. To achieve this, mix and match warm colors that remind you of the sunset at the beach – pink, orange, a little bit of yellow and some red. You can wear these ombre style of, if you’re bold enough, by color blocking.

tropical oasis

tropical sunset colors on outfit

  • CLASSIC SUMMER – the classic summer combo consists of a crisp whites and adorable denim blues. For a quick outfit, a plain white tee and a pair of flattering jeans would be great. If that’s too mainstream for you, you can always go the other way and take a pair of white jeans to pair up with a denim or chambray top.

denim and white shrt denim crop top and white pants denim jacket and white dress denim overalls and white shirt

  • NAUTICAL – the nautical theme is a popular one come summer season and to achieve this look is pretty easy. All you need to do is sport the fashion combo of white and navy with some red here and there for accent. If you want to go all out, you can opt for printed pieces as well. Stripes, boats and anchors never fail to give any outfit that cute nautical feel.

nautical with red accents nautical themed outfit

  • CASUAL CHIC – we all know denim is the ultimate summer fabric and that it has the perfect casual look and feel to it but if you find just denim too casual, why not dress it up and give it a more feminine touch by adding lace? It’s the perfect summer fashion combo for those who love to always look and dress girly and femme.

lace cardi and distressed jeans lace dress and denim jacket lace top and jeans

  • A TOUCH OF BOHO – lace up sandals are on trend right now but if you find those too trendy or too dressy, you can always opt for the simpler gladiator sandals. Often, these are paired with denim shorts in the summer but why not stir things up and add a very subtle hint of Boho to your look by pairing up your glads with a dress instead? The more flowy your dress is, the better and more Boho-ish it will look.

gladiator sandals and dress gladiator sandals and lace dress glads and tassel dress

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