5 Modest but Still Chic Ways to Wear a Miniskirt

If you’re looking for something to wear that will have you looking cute and fierce at the same time, a miniskirt is your best bet. The great thing about miniskirts is that they’re easy to pull off and they look great on just about anyone, no matter what your personal style is or whether or not you have supermodel status legs. If you think miniskirts are only good for creating ultra sexy and flirty looks, think again! Here are some modest but still chic ways to wear a mini skirt.

  1. Opt for the most coverage – by technical definition, miniskirts should be anywhere between 10 to 12 cm below the buttocks so if you’re going for a modest look, going for 12 is preferred. Choosing a style that offers more coverage is important, too. You’ll want to opt for the usual instead of going for trendier cuts that show more skin like the skort-style miniskirt or miniskirts with tall slits.modest mini skirt look
    flats and mini skirt
  2. Layer with tights – another way to create a more modest look with a miniskirt is to wear tights under it. This combo is perfect for the colder days of fall and winter but you can opt for sheerer tights, too, if you want to wear it in the spring or summer. Wearing tights underneath your miniskirt gives you more coverage which, in return, creates a more modest overall look.tights and mini skirt tights and miniskirt outfits
  3. Wear high socks – if tights aren’t your thing or you simply think that a pair of tights under your miniskirt is not what your outfit needs but you still want to create a modest look while wearing that miniskirt, you can opt for high socks instead. This is perfect if you want to achieve a cute and adorable look that won’t make you look like you’re trying too hard.socks and miniskirt outfit for winter socks and red miniskirt outfit with blazer
  4. Balance the look – one of the most important things you need to make sure of when trying to create a modest look with a mini skirt is that you keep the balance throughout your whole outfit. Since the miniskirt is already what gives your look a hint of sexy, go modest with your top and avoid anything that shows too much skin. Accessories should be subtle and dainty, too, and not too loud and over the top.cute and simple look beautifully balanced look
  5. Go easy with the accessories – sometimes, what really transforms a look are the accessories that you wear with it. To make sure your outfit remains modest-looking, go easy on the accessories. Opt for dainty jewelry instead of statement pieces, flats and sneakers over heels, and go for softer colors instead of more vibrant hues.

brown skirt and cropped white tee miniskirt and animal print top

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