5 Lipstick and Shades Combinations for Summer

Sunglasses are something you need to wear this summer. Apart from providing UV protection for your eyes, it can glam up your look as well. So while you might have a lot of sunnies in your closet, there is another thing you need to consider when wearing them – choosing the right shade of lipstick! Achieve the perfect look by heeding these tips on the perfect lipstick and shades combinations for summer.

Aviator Shades

Aviator shades are truly classic items. Although they have been created for men, aviators are deemed as hot sunnies for women right now. So if you decide to wear this on a daytime romp, then make sure to wear your aviators with fuchsia lips. This color will add a touch of femininity to the aviators, which have been known to be ‘more for men.’


aviator shades

Retro Shades

Vintage things are back and they are hotter than ever! So for this summer, your top choice for the season should be retro shades. Sleek and stylish, retro sunnies can help you achieve an elegant look the effortless way. Retro shades are best worn with a bold lip. Red should be your go-to color, but corals and purples would work just as well.

retro shades retro sunnies

Rose-Tinted Shades

Rose-tinted shades are perfect for all skin tones, with that they are heralded as some of the most popular sunglasses this summer. For this classic style, it is best if you wear nude colors on your lips. This will help you create a natural look that befits the season that is summer.

rose tinted glasses rose shades

Cat’s Eye Glasses

This summer, a bold eye is what you need – and you can achieve this perfectly with cat’s eye glasses. Since these shades are attention-getting by itself, your lipstick should be low-key – in other words, go for nude or MLBB colors. If you truly want a bright look, then wear your cat’s eye glasses with a luscious nude gloss.

cats eye cat's eye shades

Tortoise Shell Shades

Another one of the shades that will definitely make heads turn is the tortoise shell glasses. It comes with a unique frame that will make you shine – even if you are wearing a plain Jane outfit. Because the tortoise shell shades command attention, your lips should be loud as well! So if you decide to wear tortoise shell sunnies, then make sure to paint your lips red! With this combination, you can truly paint the town red.

tortoise shell sunnies tortoise shell shades

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