5 Holiday Jewelry Trends

The holidays are fast approaching and you probably have to attend parties here and there. Even if you have to repeat your clothes, you don’t have to worry about a lackadaisical style! You can always create a signature look with these sparkly holiday jewelry trends.

Double Pearl Earrings

Thanks to Christian Dior, double pearl earrings have become more popular than ever. And why not? They can multiply your sophistication factor by two! A double pearl earring is one of the best holiday trends to try whenever you want to look regal in your parties. And even if they are originally by CD, you can still have the same elegant aura with a cheaper version. Remember, it’s all about how you bring the style to the table!

pearl earring outfit

double pearl earring black and white pearl earring

Gold Collar

This holiday season, you need to sparkle! Although this is the case, you don’t have to wear shimmery dresses as often as you need to attend parties. You can always shine with a gold collar, one of this year’s hottest holiday jewelry trends. While this is reminiscent of a choker, know that the usual style won’t suit you – especially if you are gunning for a sophisticated look. Choose a ‘looser’ gold collar for a luxurious aura.

gold collar necklace jamie king gold necklace olivia palermo gold collar

Silver Bib Necklace

Yes, the bib necklace fad has come and gone, but expect it to make a resurgence this season. As one of the brightest holiday jewelry trends, a silver bib necklace can add that shine that you won’t get from other accessories. Because of its dramatic look, a silver bib necklace is best worn with a plain outfit. Don’t wear it with a chaotic outfit – or else you will look like the disco ball.

silver bib necklace silver necklace silver necklace outfit


Holiday jewelry trends are not just about necklaces. They cover brooches as well. Brooches make for good sparkly ornaments, especially when you’re all bundled up with your outerwear. While brooches are usually seen on clothes, they can be used in scarves and bags as well. With that being said, the fashion possibilities are endless with brooches.

multibrooch outfit olivia palermo brooch brooch with scarf


Most holiday jewelry trends are bright and sparkly. But if you don’t like anything shimmery, then go for tassels. They come in a variety of styles – be it earrings or necklaces. As with other holiday jewelry trends, the point is to not go overboard with the accessories. Tassels are statement jewelries by themselves, so make sure to pair them with simple yet chic holiday outfits.

tassle necklace tassel earring white tassel earrings

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