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5 Hair Color Ideas for Blonde Bombshells

They say that blondes have more fun. Go ahead and prove this saying by engaging in any of these fun hair color ideas for blonde bombshells.

Sandy Blonde

Whatever age you’re in, know that there are a number of good hair color ideas for blondes like you. One of the foremost examples is sandy blonde, which is seen on a number of celebrities such as Rachel McAdams. A harmony of cool and gold highlights, sandy blonde can be adjusted depending on the weather. Go for cooler highlights during the summer – and warmer highlights during winter – for a sandy blonde look that works in all seasons.

rachel hairdo

rachel hairstyle rachel blonde hair

Blush Blonde

Do you have fair skin? Well then, the blush blonde of Emma Stone is one of the best hair color ideas for blondes like you. A head full of strawberry blonde undertones and gold highlights is one of the finest looks to achieve, as it can add a hint of sexy warmth to your cheeks. To maintain these hair color ideas for blondes, make sure to use strawberry toner religiously.

emma blonde hair emma hairstyle emma blonde hairdo

Buttery Blonde

If you have hazel or brown eyes, then a buttery shade is one of the ideal hair color ideas for blondes like you. Take Carrie Underwood as your role model. Like the country crooner, you can achieve this lovely hair shade by coloring the roots first. For best results, the base color should correspond to the lightest color flecks of your eyes. For a stunning look that can bring out the deep colors of your eyes, add some honey or caramel lowlights around your facial frame.

carrie underwood carried blonde hair carrie blonde bob

Rose Gold

Want a look that is perfect for seasonal transitions? Then try the rose gold hair color ideas for blondes. Sported by the sexy Blake Lively, rose gold hair is a mix of honey, gold, and apricot hues with some ivory highlights. The latter should be placed near your face though to brighten up your look. While rose gold hair is more than perfect, it warrants some careful attention – so make sure to use conditioning masks as often as you can.

blake hairstyle blake blonde hair blake lively

Vanilla Blonde

Want to achieve an innocent, almost angelic look? Then try the vanilla hair color ideas for blondes. As seen on the cute, pixie haircut of Michelle Williams, vanilla blonde can be stunning – but it entails a lot of commitment. To achieve the perfect look, go for bright golden blonde dye – and throw in some pale highlights in between. Since the bleaching process can be taxing to your hair, a short, effortless ‘do is best for these hair color ideas for blondes.

michelle hairstyle michelle williams michelle blonde hair

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