5 Grown-up Ways to Wear Gingham

Gingham is deemed childish by many. However, when worn the right away, it can upgrade your look from drab to fab right away. Look like a sophisticated southern belle with these grown-up ways to wear Gingham.

Wear a Unique Dress

A gingham dress is seen tacky by most, but it shouldn’t be the case. So if you want to delve with the many grown-up ways to wear gingham, then go for a unique dress. It can be an off-shoulder one, or a style that’s reminiscent of the 1920’s. With a Gingham skirt, you can look elegant and youthful all at the same time.



Consider a Gingham Skirt

A balloon gingham skirt should be your focal piece if you want to engage in mature ways to wear gingham. A good alternative to the usual pencil skirt or maxi skirt, a gingham skirt can add vibrancy to your otherwise boring outfit. If you want to turn heads in your workplace, then a gingham skirt is what you need to wear for your next OOTD.

gingham-skirt gingham-skirt-outfit

Go for a Romper

A romper is a one-piece wonder indeed. This item is perfect for days when you don’t want to worry much about what you need to wear. All you just need to do is wear it and you can head out of the door immediately. With that being said, one of the grown up ways to wear Gingham is to choose one in romper form. You can always formalize your look by layering it with a structured blazer or button-down polo.

gingham-romper gingham-jumpsuit-outfit

Cut it Short

Although summer has slipped your fingertips, it doesn’t mean that you need to forget about summer dressing right away! For days when it’s hotter than usual, go and sashay your way in Gingham shorts. Make sure to pair such with a structured top or a button-down polo, especially if you want to achieve one of the many ways to wear Gingham like a fine lady.


Mix and Match

They say mixing and matching prints is a fashion faux pas. It’s actually not the case, especially if you want to try unique ways to wear gingham. Combining two Gingham prints – or a Gingham top with stripes or dots – is just one of the many ways to look a model off-duty. It’s all about picking styles with unifying details (such as color.) You don’t want to become a smorgasbord of different designs and colors!

matchy-gingham-outfit matching-outfit

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