5 Go-to Pairs of Pants Perfect for Any Look

Pants are a universal need for everyone. Even the most girly girl out there needs a pair or two to complete her wardrobe. Sure, dresses and skirts are cute and stylish and all, but so are pants. As a fashionista, you know that there are tons of different styles and designs out there but when it comes to the essentials, there are a few certain ones that you should never be without. Here are a few go-to pairs of pants that are perfect for any look. Check them out and stock up!


CLASSIC BLUE JEANSclassic outfit with blue jeans

classic blue jeans

Whether it’s pants for casual Friday or something to go with that cute top you’re looking for, classic blue jeans never fail. No trendy wash, no rips, no distressed bits, just plain ol’ classic denim goodness. This is a great pair of pants to wear on days when you just want something easy yet chic.


PINTUCK TROUSERSpintuck cropped trousers pintuck trousers and cami top

Some argue that pintuck trousers are outdated but I think otherwise. Pintuck trousers are a classic. They’re one of those pair of pants that will never go out of style. These are perfect for office ensembles or any other outfit that you need to add a dash of smart sophistication to.


WHITE CIGARETTE TROUSERSwhite cigarette pants outfit white cig pants

Wearing cigarette trousers is a great way to flatter your figure, especially if you’re curvy. A white pair of cigarette trousers look good with just about anything, from a button down shirt to a crop top topped with a maxi vest or cardigan. It’s structured which gives it a good air of sophistication and the cut is ultra chic, perfect for those who want to look stylish and smart.


DRAWSTRING JOGGER PANTSdrawstring velvet pants drawstring jogger pants outfit

These are the ultimate lazy girl must haves. They look and feel comfy but they don’t give off total couch potato vibes. Instead, they scream “laidback chick who’s game for anything.” If you’re looking for something that you can dress down with, these paired up with a basic tee is definitely something you can wear.


RIPPED SKINNIESripped jeans for summer ripped jeans on chambray off shoulder

Skinny jeans are another classic, but if you’re looking for something a bit more trendy and contemporary, it’s ripped or distressed skinny jeans that you should go for. These are the ultimate pants to wear for sexy street style looks. You can go with something that’s lightly distressed for a subtle hint of edginess or go all out with ripped jeans for that Instagram-worthy look.



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