5 Fresh Ways to Wear Denim Skirts

Trendy and laidback cousin of denim jeans, denim skirts are great for channeling your cool casual style while keeping your feminine vibe. There are a lot of skirt styles ranging from body con and tailored to fluid as well as patched and quilted that can make you look fashionable and trendy. But if you feel denim skirts are a bit outdated and retro, you may still make them look fresh and modern by following our fashion tricks.

  1. Wear your denim skirts with sexy, trendy, and modern tops.

chic top with acid washed denim skirt and boots

button front crop top with denim skirt and statement jacket lace top with colored denim skirt off shoulder top with denim skirt V-neck blouse with denim skirt

Wearing crop tops, bandeau tops, lace tops, plunging neck sweaters, off-shoulder tops, and other sexy and feminine tops with your denim skirt make them look modern and fresh. Skip those suede crop tops that have the bohemian feel and velvet collared tops with a retro feel. Instead, opt for feminine lace tops in classic shades, lightweight body con sweaters, plunging V-neck blouses, off-shoulder tops in modern cuts and such. If you feel too provocative in wearing a sexy top with denim skirts, just throw on a stylish coat or jacket to keep your looks tamed. Also, you may opt for a colored version of denim skirts in yellow, green, pink, coral, and peach that can make your outfit look modern and more feminine.

  1. Wear stylish and trendy prints to refresh the look of your denim skirt.

denim skirt with striped top star print blouse with denim skirt striped blouse with denim skirt

Houndstooth, polka dots, and retro floral in muted shades definitely look vintage-y. So, opt for more lively prints in fun colors to make your denim skirt look fresh. Stripes pattern is a timeless pattern you may go for, but selecting colorful stripes on your shirt makes your outfit more modern and trendy. Also, novelty prints, quirky prints, and geometric prints are modern touches that you may incorporate to your looks.

  1. Pick a sequin or metallic top to add a great contrast of texture and color with your denim skirt.

metallic top with denim skirt sequin top and denim skirt with statement jacket

Going for a sequin or metallic top can be a great way to spice some party-ready look with your denim skirts instead of opting for patent leather tops that reflects bohemian vibe. Sequin in cheery colors of gold, red, green, purple, and pink can be a quite quirky but looks modern. However, if you’re not a fan of sequins, just look for a metallic top in silver or gold shades that looks dressier and chic compared to other colors.

  1. Opt for dressier tops as an alternative to casual chambray shirts.

chambray tank top with denim skirt chambray top with denim skirt crisp button down shirt with denim skirt transluscent heels with denim skirt tucked top with denim skirt

Denim-on-denim look is quite trendy, but don’t look modern. So, instead for opting for a chambray shirt, look for tops and blouses similar to denim shades but a lot dressier, or simply pick a button-down shirt and style them modernly. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you can still resort to a lightweight chambray top with ruffles and feminine styles for a flirty and fresh look. You may also crop your button-down shirt by knotting it nicely and modernly.

  1. Layer your ensembles creatively.

denim skirt with flared pants with chambray top denim skirt with leather skirt and button down shirt

If you’re a fan of flared jeans or button front denim skirt that looks a bit retro, just wear them in creative layers to create a modern yet eclectic look. Wearing two pieces that are not supposed to be worn together creates a unique and fresh style. Straight and tapered pencil silhouettes that are around knee-length are the norm. But, wearing them with flared jeans makes the look a bit eclectic and expressive. Denim skirts look great with all sorts of footwear, so have your pick.

Indeed, the key of styling your denim skirts is wearing them with modern and trendy pieces that express your fashion style with personality.

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