5 Fashion Truths That Every West Coast Girl Totally Understands

West Coast style is so often imitated because it’s effortlessly chic. True to the free spirit of California, Californians are experts at putting together casual looks that can go practically anywhere. So, keep on reading for the 5 fashion truths that every West Coast girl understands.

  1. A cute and functional backpack is essential.


red-coat-with-sporty-cool-outfit gingham-outfit-with-cute-studded-backpack

With all of the adventures you’ll be having, you’ll need your hands-free. So, it’s time to give up your clutches and purses for a functional but totally stylish backpack. Like Californian style blogger Annabelle Fleur, opt for a cute backpack with floral brooches that will go well with your breezy outfit. Or, opt for leather backpacks that will work well in the fall season with your boot cut jeans and chambray shirt, as well as trendy coats and sporty cool outfits.

  1. Boots are absolutely essential, even if the weather doesn’t always require them.

eyelet-top-and-studded-leather-jacket-with-boots plaid-dress-with-lace-up-boots neon-sweater-with-wedge-boots

Boots aren’t just for cold-weather climates as from rugged lace-up styles to chic ankle boots the perfect pair can be functional rain or shine. Like Annabelle, make your plaid summer dress work in the fall season by teaming it with a cowboy hat, boots, and a fall-inspired bag. Also, boots can be great to make your miniskirts edgier and effortless. Just go for studded styles that look more urban-inspired over suede ones that scream bohemian.

  1. Layering is the key especially on those in-between days.

checkered-top-and-jeans-with-office-blazer draped-skirt-with-layered-top

Layering is the key to navigating sunny, warm days, and cool nights in style. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of wearing your checkered top and skinny jeans with a chic blazer to add some polish to your casual office looks. Or, make your button-down shirt cozy with a chic sweater and tulip skirt teamed with strappy sandals.

  1. A chic motorcycle jacket is the only kind you’ll ever need.

orange-leather-jacket-with-printed-trousers moto-jacket-with-neon-full-skirt


Whether you’re brunching in printed pants or night out with a neon skirt, a chic motorcycle jacket is the perfect finishing touch. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, make your neon yellow skirt work in a night out by wearing it with an edgy motorcycle jacket, or make your casual outfit a bit bolder with a bold-colored leather jacket.

  1. Big sweaters with shorts are a totally acceptable outfit.

sweater-with-shorts-and-hat shorts-with-chunky-sweater


West Coast girls know how to mix high and low, whether they’re dressing down an outfit or simply dressing for the unpredictable weather. While a big sweater totally works with skinny jeans, fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur wear it with her black shorts and fringed bag that look effortlessly cool for a daytime look. Also, topping your sweater with your sheer and lightweight tops teamed with shorts can be great to maximize your wardrobe this fall season effortlessly.

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