5 Fashion Rules to Break this Fall

While rules are meant to be followed, there are many fashion rules to break this fall. Go out of your comfort zone with these unique outfit ideas that go beyond the usual style norms of autumn.

Blue and Black Don’t Go Well with Each Other

Mixing unmixable colors is one of the greatest fashion rules to break this fall. While most say that blue and black don’t go well with each other, you can trump this belief and prove otherwise! In fact, a great number of blue shades marry well with black. Emerge with the best look this autumn by pairing your boring black ensembles with pastel or electric blue shades.

black and blue outfit

black top and blue skirt black and blue sporty outfit

Don’t Mix Prints

They say prints are loud enough to be worn with another set of prints. I say boo hoo! Prints over prints is one of the fashion rules to break this fall. Wear your stripes with florals, or your dots with abstract prints. Just make sure that both designs have a common unifying element (such as a certain color or style) so they can complement each other.

olivia palermo printed outfit print on print outfits mixed prints outfit

Evening Wear is for Evenings

Yes, the name of evening wear connotes that it is especially reserved for nighttime events. Although this is the case, it is one of the best fashion rules to break this fall. Instead of wearing these to after-work events, why not wear them during work? Converting evening wear to daytime wear is a great way to spice up your common workaday outfits.

daytime evening wear gown for daytime eveningwear for daytime

Dress Over Pants = Bad Idea

There are no bad ideas when it comes to fashion. In fact, one of the foremost fashion rules to break this fall is the old ‘dress over pants’ problem. This autumn, this pairing has been embraced by many personalities – ranging from celebrities to noteworthy fashion editors. That’s because wearing a dress over pants is one of the best fashion solutions for nippy fall days. A far cry from the usual leggings or tights, your favorite pants can help redefine your look this autumn.

black dress over pants printed dress over pants white dress over pants

Socks and Sandals = No, No!

In the olden days, socks and sandals were all the rage. But as time went by, people decided them to be ‘untasteful.’ However, in fashion, what goes up comes down (and vice versa.) Today, the sock and sandal pairing has become one of the best fashion rules to break. While it’s difficult to pull off, you can do so by minding these tips:

  • Your socks should be clean, and your sandals should be strappy.
  • Make your outfit an eye-catching one!

yellow sandals and socks socks with sandals socks and birks

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