5 Easy Braided Summer Hairstyles

Summer’s still here and we wish it would stay like this forever but we all know it can’t so I think it’s best if we could all just enjoy what’s left of it before we transition into fall. The super scorching hot summer heat is making that a bit challenging now, though. Lately I find myself wanting to just stay indoors where a fan and air conditioning is available because the heat can be so unbearable sometimes! This is especially true for us women who have long (and thick) hair. If you’re looking for cute and pretty hairstyles to get your hair off your face, your neck and your back (and just about anywhere it tends to stick when you start to sweat, yuck!), try braiding your hair. Braids not only make your hair look pretty, it also acts as an extra layer of protection for your locks against the sun. Here are some gorgeous but easy braided summer hairstyle ideas that you can try out the next time you decide to step out and soak up the sun, with SPF that is.

  • French braid – let’s start with the most popular braided hairstyle which is the French braid. The French braid is an easy way to look polished this summer. You can make it as tight or as loose as you want, depending on the look that you’re going for. If you’re a first time, just know that doing this by yourself can strain your arms a little bit so you might want to try practicing it on others’ hair first and get the rhythm and flow going before you do it on yourself.

lauren conrad french braid tutorial

beach french braid

  • Rope braid ponytail – the rope braid has such an interesting and intriguing look, you’ll be surprised at how easy this style of braid is done. Give your good ol’ ponytail a nice twist (no pun intended) and do a rope braid ponytail. This hairstyle is perfect to go with your casual and street style looks this summer.

rope braid ponytail tutorial messy side rope braid ponytail

  • Headband braid – got pesky bangs that keep poking your eye? If you’re letting your fringes grow out, perhaps you’ll find the headband braid really useful. This braided hairstyle is so easy to create and modify. You can wear it with your hair down or up and you can also tweak it to suit your hair length. The headband braid gets hair out of your face and keeps it slicked back until you take the braid off.

sleek headband braid headband braid how to

  • Halo braid – the halo braid is such a pretty hairstyle that you can do if you have really long hair. Your hair has to be long enough to go halfway around your head because that’s how you get the braids to look like a halo. This is perfect for women who want to just feel cool under the hot summer sun and not have to worry about hair sticking the face and neck once they sweat.

pretty halo braid halo braid hairstyle halo braid tutorial

  • Half crown updo – the half crown updo is perfect for ladies who want to get their hair up but still leave a little bit of it down for movement and drama. This half up half down hairstyle is great if you want something easy and romantic for a date with your man or to complete your dressy outfit for a special occasion.

golden blonde half crown braid loose half crown hair easy crown braid

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