5 Designs You Need to Try this Year

Wearing all solid colors all the time may seem like the right move to the person who loves a good, timeless look but, let’s admit it: that can get pretty boring over time. Prints are a must for any stylish woman’s closet, even to those who choose the minimalistic route. They liven up plain and simple looks and help give depth and dimension to any outfit. This year, why not introduce some new prints to your wardrobe? Here are a few print designs that you need to try this year if you’re bored of the same old stripes and polka dots or if you simply want something to add more detail to your look.

  1. Fuzzy plaid – instead of wearing the usual plaid with sharp lines and edges, opt for plaid with softer edges and fuzzier lines. This creates an instant warm vibe and also makes your look a lot more feminine.fuzzy plaid top with ruffles on the back
    fuzzy plaid skirt
  2. Mini florals – these past few seasons, it seemed like the theme for florals was “go big or go home”. We’ve been seeing florals blown out of proportion but this year, it looks like gigantic florals are going to take a rest for a while to make way for these teensy weensy mini florals. Mini floral prints are perfect for those who want something soft and sophisticated but not too overly girly.mini floral printed skirt mini floral print dress
  3. Multi-color polka dots – two-tone polka dots are established classics but they can get pretty boring over time. To change up the look and take your polka dot game to the next level, opt for more colors in your polka dotted ensemble next time! Multicolor polka dots are fun and festive. They’re also great for the coming spring.colorful polka dot sweater colorful polka dots
  4. Chevron stripes – a few years back, chevron had a fleeting moment in the fashion spotlight and this year, it’s coming back and, by the looks of it, it’s going to stay for quite some time, too. Chevron is a great alternative to your everyday stripes. They’re a lot easier to pull off as well.chevron black and white chevron dress beige and navy
  5. Watercolor print – this one is more of an abstract print design but it’s sure to take the fashion world by storm no less. Watercolor prints are perfect for adding a splash of color to your look this coming spring and summer. Wear it on dresses and other girly staples for an ultra feminine look or with your basics for an updated failsafe classic look.

water color print dress watercolor print skirt with parka jacket and white top


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