5 Denim Looks for Spring

Spring is all about looking as pretty as the flowers around you. While pastels and romantic apparels might be your top options, another thing you should consider is denim. Truly versatile, it’s something you can wear this spring – even the other seasons as well. Spruce up your style with these stylish denim looks for spring.

Jovial in a Jacket

Denim jackets are unlike the way they were before. Now, there are new styles and cuts – from denim bomber jackets to quilted bombers. With the numerous variations of the jean jacket, it proves to be one of the investment pieces for your denim looks for spring. Because the denim jacket is a fashion statement by itself, wear it with simple, fuss-free bottoms.

patchwork denim jacket

embellished denim jacket denim jacket outfit

Vivacious in a Vest

If a denim jacket is too hot for your place of residence, you can always achieve great denim looks for spring by utilizing a vest. This second layer is stylish enough to put on top of your favorite tee or your flirty floral dress. If you want, your denim vest can be your top per se! You can even wear it with any of the denim bottoms mentioned here for a chic denim on denim look.

denim vest outfitdenim vest denim vest and dress

Cute in Cropped Flares

Skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are things of the near past. If you want lighter denim looks for spring, then go for cropped flares. These ‘in’ denim fashions are perfect for temperate days. Not only will it show the narrowest part of your legs – your ankles – it can show off your nice shoes as well. So if you want to wear your gladiator sandals or statement ankle booties, then make sure to pair any of these with your cropped flare pants.

cropped jeans cropped flares cropped denim

Playful in Patchwork

Washed jeans or ripped denims might be cool – but there’s a cooler sister in town: the patchwork denim. It might be reminiscent of your futile attempts to sew – but it’s actually one of the hottest denim looks for spring. Because of the different textures and colors that you have on your patchwork denim, make sure to wear a plain top.

patchwork top patchwork skirt patchwork jumper

Marvelous in a Midi Skirt

Denim looks for spring are not just about pants. A cute denim midi skirt is something you should try out as well. What’s great about this piece is that it comes in a variety of styles, from A-line skirts to wrap-around skirts. Although denim skirts are ideally for casual get-ups, you can take it to the office by wearing it with a structured or dressy top.

denim skirt midi skirt denim skirt outfit


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