5 Cute Beach Cover-ups for Summer

Summer is all about hitting the beach! While you can always frolic around in your favorite swimsuit, there are times when you need to be covered up (albeit sparsely.) Maintain the sexy vibe in these cute beach cover-ups for summer.

Mystifying in a Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is not just mere apparel, it’s versatile enough to qualify as one of your cute beach cover-ups for summer. Apart from being very boho (just one of the styles that are hits this summer,) a maxi dress provides excellent coverage as well. More than just keeping you safe from wind draft, a maxi dress cover-up can take you from the beach to the beach bar – without the effort of changing clothes at your hotel.

printed maxi

maxi dress bright maxi

Cute in a Crochet Dress

Another one of the cute beach cover-ups that you need to consider this season is the crochet dress. Like the maxi dress, it comes with a boho chic vibe that will definitely work at the beach. Because of its crochet nature, it allows ventilation – which is something you need if you want to dry out as you jump from one water activity to the next.

crochet dress crochet cover crochet

Luscious in Lace

Lace is not just for the bedroom – it’s for your beach vacay as well! As one of the cute beach cover-ups for summer, it gives you a different kind of allure – as if you aren’t sexy enough in your sultry swimsuit! A great thing about lace is that it can transcend your look from day to night. If you’re planning a dip before hitting a summer party, then lace suits are the ideal cute beach cover-ups for you.

white lace cover up lace cover up lace cover up outfit

Perfect in a Poncho

If dresses are too long for you, then a poncho is what you need for your next beach trip. Undeniably one of the cute beach cover-ups for summer, it conceals your top body – whilst exposing your sexy legs. A good thing about a poncho is that it’s usually loose, so you can eat your heart out in a buffet without worrying about your burgeoning belly.

grey poncho blue poncho blue poncho outfit

Regal in a Romper

Rompers are not just for hanging out anymore. They can be used as cute beach cover-ups as well. To maintain the sexy vibe of summer, choose a romper made of cotton or any lightweight material. You wouldn’t one to get one that is made of thick fabric, as it will have a hard time drying out. Again, this style is particularly perfect for ladies who dislike sitting primly and properly.

striped romper printed romper cute romper

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