5 Common Footwear Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

When it comes to dressing up your feet, some unwritten standards do apply. If you’re fashion-savvy, you may be able to break the rules with a little fancy footwork, but it pays to read the rule book before you start making any radical statements with your footwear. So, keep on reading for the 5 common footwear mistakes and how to avoid them.

  1. Pants dragging on the ground.


cuffed-jeans-with-loafers-and-metallic-silver-jacket crop-top-with-palazzo-pants

If your pants are dragging on the ground, you’ve got both a shoe and a wardrobe disaster on your hands. Remember, the hem of your pant leg should brush the top of your instep and reveal the toe and part of the heel of your shoe. Like fashion blogger Nina Suess, think of cuffing your jeans if you can go to a tailor to keep your style neat. When buying longer pants like palazzo and flared trousers, wearing the shoes you plan to wear with them is ideal so you’ll know how it will look, and you’ll avoid picking incompatible shoes just to save the day. Also, think of wearing cropped jeans which look trendy with boots this fall season.

  1. Wearing sheer tights with open-toed shoes.

black-tights-with-quirky-print-dress-and-fall-hat creepers-with-tights-and-grunge-outfit

Sheer tights worn with open-toed shoes are considered a fashion faux pas. However, stylish women are wearing open-toed shoes with patterned and opaque tights. If you’re going to wear sheer tights, even in black, as long as it shows a hint of your skin, better wear them with classic pumps, creepers, or boots instead.

  1. Going for inappropriate shoes for the occasion.

camo-jacket-with-boots ombre-outfit-with-wedges 3-striped-outfit-with-sneakers

If you’re running, you want shoes that will give your feet solid support. When you’re near water, you need shoes with soles that will grip wet surfaces. The occasion should be part of the equation when you’re deciding on what shoes to wear. Even though you’d look amazing in those 5-inch heels, does it really make good sense to wear dangerous shoes to a pool party, backyard party, or even park visit? Stay stylish, but be safe, too.

  1. Wearing scuffed and worn-out shoes.

slip-on-sandals-with-denim-skirt-and-white-top white-dress-with-lace-up-wedges

Just because the tops of your shoes look good doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for keeping the heels, bottoms and sides in shape. Nothing looks worse than a dinged stiletto heel, one with a missing rubber tip. Since your shoes take care of your reputation, you have to care of them. Treat your shoes like the wardrobe essentials they are. Polish them regularly and don’t forget the fashion first aid when they get scratched or weather-beaten.

  1. Wearing statement shoes with a statement outfit.

white-coat-dress-with-pearl-necklace suede-skirt-with-lace-up-shoes

Shoes should flatter your statement. However, it’s just easy to look overdone when wearing a pair of statement shoes with a catchy outfit. Though there’s nothing wrong with a monochromatic outfit or neutrals head-to-toe, balancing your statement with a statement shoes can be great. Shoes are a fashion accessory, and good dressing is about making all the elements of your outfit look good together and flattering on your body.

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