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5 Brilliant and Festive Ways to Wear a Gold Leaf for the Holidays

If you’ve been or have at least seen pictures from the runways at Fashion Week this year, you may have noticed one trend in beauty that many of the models were wearing and that is the gold leaf. A gold leaf is a very thin sheet of gold (some like to call it gold foil, too) that is incorporated into your look in plenty of different ways. If you’re curious about how this goes, check out these brilliant and festive ways to wear a gold leaf below. This might just be what you need to take your holiday party look to the next level.

  1. Gold leaf flash tattoo – gold leaf flash tattoos were the bomb back in summer but just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t rock one. If you’re looking for a statement accessory to go with your holiday party look and you’re looking for an alternative to jewelry, why not try gold leaf flash tattoos? You can buy them pre-made and pre-designed or you can get yourself a sheet and do you own design.flash tattoo
    flash metallic tattoo
  2. Gold leaf on hair – it may seem like a crazy idea but you have to try it to see its full beauty and potential. Whether it’s sprinkled randomly on an updo or slicked back together with your hair while it’s down, gold leaf on hair sure is proving to be the ultimate way to make a hair with gold details hair style with gold
  3. Gold leaf eye makeup – forget about dark, heavy smoky eye makeup. Instead, why don’t you try a festive gold eye look? Pat on small bits of loose gold leaf on your lid or be a bit more artsy and create a golden edgy eye design. Got strips of gold leaf on hand? Go ahead and put it on top of your black liner (wing liner works so impressively well for this).eye makeup in gold eye makeup with gold lead
  4. Nails – for a really easy way to wear gold leaf along with your holiday party ensemble, just incorporate it with your manicure. A gold leaf nail art would make a really indulgent treat that you can enjoy even after the party. You may also use gold nail foils instead to create a solid gold nail look.nails in black and gold leaf nails in green and black with gold accents
  5. Gold leaf lashes – if you’re looking for a super subtle way to incorporate gold leaf into your holiday look, try wearing gold leaf lashes. You can DIY your own by sticking gold leaf to an ordinary pair of falsies and then spraying it with hairspray before putting it on or you can buy ones that are already made with a gold leaf design / detail.

gold lashes runway style lashes in gold