5 Braid Hairstyles for Summer

Summer is more than just dressing good – it’s all about beautifying your crowning glory as well! Be the beautiful beach babe that you are with these lovely braid hairstyles for summer.

Classic Braid

When it comes to braid hairstyles for summer, nothing beats the elegance of the classic braid. Not only open up the lines of your face, it can accentuate your neck as well (which is perfect if you are wearing a high-neck outfit.)

While doing a classic braid is easy as 1-2-3, there is a tip you need to remember in order to achieve these perfect braid hairstyles for summer. Always remember to keep the braid loose – avoid pulling them tautly with your hands.

classic french braid

classic french braid hair

Double French Braid

Want to try sophisticated braid hairstyles for summer? Then your top choice should be the double French braid. A breather from the classic (and equally elegant) traditional French braid, this style’s hair direction can open up your pretty face.

To perfect the double French braid, part your hair into three sections. Twist the middle portion, so you can have the left and right sides to play with. French braid these sections loosely and join them in a chignon together with the middle part.

double braid double french braid

Side Braid

Even if you are a braiding neophyte, you can look flawless with easy side braid hairstyles for summer. Best done with long layers, this braid looks ultra-chic especially if your short layers are breaking free from the hairstyle. Start braiding at neck level and leave the ends of the braid undone. Remember: the sloppier, the better!

side braid side braid hair

Peekaboo Braid

If you want to channel subtle braid hairstyles for summer, then the peekaboo braid is perfect for you. Like the side braid, it’s all about creating a messy, undone look. To achieve this summer-perfect style, apply wax pomade and beach spray to your locks. Before you start with the braid, make sure to tease and backcomb the section you have selected. These techniques will help maintain the chic chaos of peekaboo braid hairstyles for summer.

peekaboo braid style peekaboo braid

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid hairstyles for summer are ideal for ladies who want to look ethereal. This soft and enchanting hairstyle is best started at ear level. Contrary to popular beliefs, the fishtail braid is easy to do. Just gather your hair in a ponytail and divide it into two. Take a small portion from the left section and cross it with the right section. Do repeatedly until you finish the end of your braid.

fishtail braid hair fishtail braid

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